Testing VIRAL Fortnite Tik Tok Life Hacks… (they worked)

Today I tested some of the most POPULAR Tik Tok fortnite life hacks to see if they were real.. the results were actually INSANE.. Drop a like!


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#fortnitebattleroyale #fazekaz



  1. If you don't use code 3er you will be trash at fortnite and have to subscribe to my YouTube kingev83

  2. FaZe Kaz: OMG… I did not think of that wow hiding in bush!

    Me -_- …….. why are u in FaZe

  3. There was a sandcastle with some loots that faze kaz had missed at sweaty sands

  4. To put the stair you need the look down like really really bellow and you needed a floor in the box

  5. I knew cuz the things that pop out of the ground glowed a little and I saw it in utube

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