The 10 Best Looking Apex Legends Skins

The Nicest Skins In All Of Apex Legends

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With nine different legends to choose from in Apex Legends, there are plenty of skins available to players. While Apex Legends is a first-person shooter, which means you don’t really see your skin nearly as much as in a third-person shooter like Fortnite, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend some Apex Coins to get one. There are so many awesome skins in the game that’re…


  1. the shaved head isn't about looks you dumbass its about lore. Honestly, do research on what you're making a video about before you go off spouting bullshit about how the shaved head "isn't good on her". Jesus fucking christ

  2. this guy really just said blackheart was bad because of the gold face mask. That is what makes the skin amazing.

  3. Sure Bangalore is a good soldier in must other universes but I doubt she can compare to titan pilots

  4. 1:48 No offense to ninja but he is kinda selfish because he reporting that the mouse that other players use is better and he always dies so he is trying to make it unpossible to do that

  5. I prefer mirage's ghost machine skin over revenger, they are pretty much the same design.. revenger has to much yellow.

  6. Wraith quarantine 722 2019: that's a damn nice skin

    Wraith 2020: GeT tHe ParAMedics!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 6:15

    "But don't get too close. She was quarantined for a reason and you don't wanna catch what she's carrying"

    Me: Laughs thinking he's joking about coronavirus

    Upload Date: 19 May 2019

    654AR begins to play

  8. I got revenger for mirage lol but i want the ghost machine but im still satisfied with the revenger

  9. I was wishing for legendary on my apex pack it was free when I level up and I wish for it i said pls be a legendary skin and it came on el diablo i was so lucky

  10. wraith: void specialist
    bangalore: agree
    mirage : ghost skin
    octane : speed demon
    pathfinder : agree
    gibby: The dark side
    lifeline: agree
    caustic: black heart
    bloodhound : agree
    wattson: cyber security
    crypto: hired assasin
    revenant : unholy beast
    Loba : Rich theif

  11. Am i The only one that like the speed demon skin more than The el diablo skin for octane

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