The BEST Fortnite Creative Maps For Console + PC! (Fortnite Creative Map Codes)

Time Stamps For The Maps:

Basic Solos Zone Wars Map- 2:04
Advanced Solos Zone Wars Map- 2:45
Team Zone Wars Map- 3:43
Solos + Teams Box Fight Map- 4:34
Aim Duels Map- 5:15
Mid-Game Fight Practice Map- 6:24
Best 1v1 Map- 8:25

As of right now in Fortnite there really isn’t much to do involving the main battle royale mode. Chapter 2 season 1 has already been the longest season in Fortnite history, and it still has about a month left believe it or not. Plus, due to the holidays and a few…


  1. That first 1v1 map is pretty much a copy of enigmas 1v1 galaxy map. Not a big deal but you should’ve showed his map instead. I’ll try adding the code under this comment if anyone wants to try it

  2. I need a Creator code in order to get my maps featured. I have a lot of good stuff waiting.

  3. I will be trying out most of these modes/maps. Cool video as always Gronky

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