The BEST Settings For Season 4! (PS4 Apex Legends)


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  1. These settings are ok. I've had all versions since season 0. Best one has been Look 5/6 – ADS 3/4 and Classic response curve. It will train you to hipfire.

  2. I changed some of my settings to yours, and I play a lot better. Before I could barely aim or control the recoil, now for some reason I can and itโ€™s so much easier too. I even land my shots more often.

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  4. My look sensitivity is 4 and my ads is 3. I use classic but I used to use linear when my controller was newer. My stick drift is bad now. I like lower sensitivity because it helps me with recoil control. I'm still learning not to panic in high pressure situations. So my aim goes out a fucking 5 story window when it gets too intense.

  5. The best way to notice a difference in linear is if your joysticks are fucked up they will drift like crazy

  6. Dude thanks these settings are great I hated playing slow paced now I feel as if I move faster

  7. you use controlfreeks? greetings and excellent content ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

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