The Craziest Glitches, Exploits & Hacks in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends Moments: The Craziest Glitches, Exploits & Hacks in Apex Legends

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  1. None of the glitches were bannable LOL , when the melee exploit wasnt patched i used it a LOT and didnt got banned.

  2. So who thinks the fact that if you're account lvl is 100 shouldn't dismiss the apex chest reward you get from exp..?

  3. You forgot one glitch unbannable, Gibraltar Shield With caustic Traps, Search this online and you will laugh a lot

  4. There is also the wraith market portal bug, supply ship invicible wall bug, caustic locking bunker bug, gibraltar shield bug with caustic gas and octane jump pad.

  5. that "Bruce Lee" kick is patched can't do it anymore, such a great glitch lol

  6. lol ok mister all glitch you said are patched your video just come 1 month later buddy nice try

  7. Is the exploit where you get only crafting materials from the battle pass rewards instead of loot ticks still working? If anything I'll make a second account and test it out since I definitely don't want my main account banned if its bannable.

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