The FASTEST Way To Level Up In Fortnite Chapter 2! (How To Level Up + Get Tier 100 FAST)

In this video today we’re going to be going over the best and fastest ways to gain xp, level up, and increase your battle pass tier in Fortnite season 11 aka chapter 2 season 1. I didn’t make this video for season 10 because there weren’t really any changes to the level up system, but that definitely isn’t the case in chapter 2 season 1. Basically the entire leveling up system has been overhauled, to where your season level and battle bass level are basically kinda combined into one…


  1. I’ve used your code for a while now, and you’re a legend.
    You should use gronky’s code too 😉
    A pin would be nice 😀

  2. I hate technicals but they are good guns I rather have a mini gun.
    Well duh

  3. "4 kills, which is pretty solid"
    wait really…? I usually get over 7 kills every solo match… So am I good? LOL

  4. Great video.. I'm currently at level 365 and have 100% completed every challenge to date.. with a week left in the chapter I bought a skin and need 20,000 XP.. I was hoping to do it in a day. This might just help with it. Thanks eh! Bionic00oo1

  5. is level 100 a max on chapter2 season1? because I'm stuck on level 100? anyone that played a long time ago?

  6. Why am i stuck at level 100 and wont even gain any xp??? Not even with the free xp from the christmas chiminey when they would give u for free. A play and play but no xp gain and been stuck at 100 for ever now????? ANY HELP!!!!??????

  7. I recently bought the battlepass, very late.. but i don’t understand the challenges at alllll theres so many different challenges and idek what makes u level up faster ://

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