The FASTEST Way To Load Into GTA Online – Loading In GTA 5 QUICKER Than Everyone Else!

The FASTEST Way To Load Into GTA Online – Loading In GTA 5 QUICKER Than Everyone Else!
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Loading Into GTA Online lobbies always takes way too long! What if there was a quicker and faster way to load in to GTA 5 sessions?

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  1. i’ll save everyone so much time. load into story mode then load into an invite only session from there.

  2. Can you please tell me what to do because i dont see the online button in my starting page !?

  3. Any idea why I get stuck at an infinite loading screen when I enter the casino. I really want the new podium vehicle because it’s worth 3.15 mil

  4. In my pc it takes 15minutes but the game when i’m in i can play it on ultra settings

  5. Its faster when tou get in story mode and then in online cus the map loads in story mode and then it just needs players and cars and objectives to load

  6. watched the whole video while it was loading and it still didn't load

  7. 2 min!!!!!!!!!! For me it can take up to 1 hour just to get into a invite only lobby

  8. I don't get those 2 options: ''Online'' and ''Story Mode''. It automaticaly throws me in the Story Mode. Have any of you have a fix for that?

  9. if i go in story mode i am gonna wait 15m, then if i wanna load in gta online its gonna take 20m. I am not waiting double

  10. my load time is 15 min ffs wtf i this i put all on low to reduce load time

  11. it's damn retarded and it's not only getting into online ,it's all the loading screens after missions i wait in those the most ,not even having the game on an SSD doesn't solve the problem

  12. tf bro why is this video so dragged out get to the point

  13. he is absolutely correct we should first load into story mode and then online mode takes 2 to 5 min but directly going to online takes 20 min

  14. just click the online session from the start and when loading suspend the gta 5 for about 8-15 second from the task manager u'll get to a solo public session in just a few second, what make the loading slow in essentially the game trying to sync the player movement with other player

  15. 1 simple step sue Rockstar, it may not speed up the loading but it compensates for all the time you wasted watching a loading screen

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