The Hacking Problem in Apex Legends vs Overwatch

Hacking has become rampant in Apex Legends. But Overwatch seemingly has taken care of their problem. Apex Legends has this problem just weeks after launch. But Overwatch didn’t have an issue until after over a year into development.

– follow me and dm me what you want from the lego sets and nerf sets. I’ll scroll through in 2 days and pick some people to win!



  1. If every youtuber said don't do drugs and stay in school would the underaged drug rate and drop out rate honestly be effected it would be funny if it did

  2. The last part of the video:

    Nateson:remember to stay in school, don't do drugs, and report cheaters.

    Me: Ehhhh……. I don't really think I'm gonna do the school part. But I still believe in the other ones!!!🙂

  3. Apex legends is pretty much unplayable because of these mother fuckers……just takes the fun out of the game……..fucking ridiculous…

  4. You really should have touched on the no recoil as well. That seems very popular in Apex as well, just having the no recoil and not the aimbot. Also interested in an Overwatch swag 🙂

  5. the cheaters problem now no longer happen with few games but now it happening on every popular online pvp games. especially when these days game cheating app become a business with huge competitive. since start of this month there are many hacker websites (people who write and sell cheat) start insane promotion such as free trial and free weekend cheat. worse than that the full price of full version of cheat engine also become more and more cheaper than what it is the past. honestly without hardware ban as a default ban, there will no way to fix this problem at all.

  6. Actually there are a lot hackers for overwatch in the asian server and they dont get caught because the hack they use looks like human actually tracking… You can see a lot korean overwatch youtuber complaining because blizzard didnt do much.. There is a player with this hack and didnt get caught for more than 2 years and still is not caught yet… I am trying to say is there is going to be a time where game developers is not able to ban these hackers because they are going to just look like high skilled players😓

  7. 4:40 so hopefully you report people
    THERE ISNT A REPORT BUTTON i need to spend 1 hour to report someone and all that for what, THE GAME IS FREE!

  8. Apex legends: * has lots of hackers *
    EA : im gonna pretend i didnt see that meme

    Seriously there isnt even a report button , the hackers arent even losing skins

  9. Insta problem for Apex is that it’s free to play so an account being banned by Respawn/EA doesn’t matter to them because they’re no life’s

    Overwatch and Apex are the two best games. I’ll go one step further than you Nateson and say Apex is just as good as Overwatch. They’re essentially the same game style FPS genre with heroes except Overwatch is about capturing objectives not killing people to win (I guess you have to kill people to capture the objective whatever). I think future companies need to look at both Apex and Overwatch to model their games in the future.

  10. I tried to play Apex for the first time about a week ago.
    Got queued into a game, immediately laughed for having all 0 stats. Then was cursed at by my team. Then the second and third team were the same type of guys.

    Like, yeah, not really worth learning this new system if I have to play with randos like that. Certain games just bring out that in people and most of the time I'd rather not waste my time playing those kind if games.

  11. you say it's well optimise, but even in 2019 a lot of people still get the application lost bug

  12. Isn't blizzard's anticheat the cost to create a new account after you are banned?

  13. This video is literally the most wholesome thing I’ve seen in ages. Bless you Nateson ❤️

  14. Eh, OW has more cheaters than FN right now. FN has the toughest anti-cheat system in the world by far. They have a whole combination of detection systems that are tricky to get around, and they ban through a combination of HWID/registry tracking files/possibly other things. I'm familiar with the hacking scene, and I don't even know of a FN provider that isn't down right now. That game is seriously hard to cheat in right now. IN OW they don't even HWID ban, so you just go out and buy another $10 account if you get banned and then you're good for another day or two of hacking.

  15. I feel that the reason why there are already so many hackers in Apex is because it's free, allowing as many people to start making hacks without having to pay money every time they get banned, and there aren't that many characters or abilities that have to be worked into the software compared to Overwatch. These two factors combined make it easy to make hacks and keep using hacks after an account gets banned, also allowing people to use more blatant hacks since it's no big deal to get another account.

  16. The sheer number of hackers and spammers in the Chinese servers makes the game completely unplayable. They will join the match and start spamming codes for hacks in the chat, then disconnect during the drop. It is extremely frustrating. Especially when 2 guys on my team are spammers. I feel so dead inside knowing the game is lost at the very beginning.

  17. I am already following Nat in Ista POG. Maybe just maybe i can get the Dva nerf ( nooooooooo i did not mean a DVA nerf please for fuck please do not nerf her Bliz i beg you ) i need her around.

  18. the speed hack is the one that i dont understand… after the last player touches the max speed is caped after that the player is instabanned. unleess its using a ballon, in the worst case senario the speed hack can get octane no lost life if its on a per class basis. and bangalore well could get off by this method but it would be a good start

  19. Apex is in the same universe as the Titanfall games, those games use Valve's Source engine (which powers CS:GO, TF2, basically a big chunck of Valve's games). I am assuming Apex uses Source as well, since hackers are familiar with CS:GO hacking and Apex is using the same engine (although probably modified for more advanced graphics capabilities) it is probably easy to adapt hacking software to work with Apex. This is why I think the hacking scene for Apex has risen so quickly.

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