The Most 1000 IQ Loba OUTPLAY Ever! NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #498

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage: The Most 1000 IQ Loba OUTPLAY Ever! NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #498

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We Hope You Enjoy This Apex Legends Moments Video, Featuring the Best Apex Legends Funny Moments, Apex Legends Epic Moments, Apex Legends WTF Moments, Apex Legends Highlights, Apex Legends Fails, Apex Legends Glitches, Apex Legends Trolls, and More in this Apex Legends…


  1. Who cares about Holewhirl getting a squad whip against a half health team, how about kodoxx getting a 1 v 4 who had full armor.

  2. 11:00 I would like to melee this asshole with no armour and give him red Evo with a PK and a Maxed Out Devotion but still would die

  3. Bruh I watched the beginning like 5 times nice opener šŸ’ÆšŸ¦¾ love the videos

  4. Can we stop calling anything to do with caustic gas out plays. In season 0 that shit was sick. trapping up the bunker real quick. Now it's actually just generic, low skill cheeseing.

  5. @2:17 That was ALL the player's fault. He could have chosen any other direction to land and would have been fine.

  6. Jeremy why hasn't my clip been featured yet? Do I need to step it up? I submitted under WayfaringFool but I don't care if I get credit for it I just believe it's highlight Worthy please let me know something

  7. 11:10 Everyone was terrible, including himself, but he knew how to armor swap. Do this more often, people! Don't be afraid to drop your purple for a blue!

  8. 11:00 i don't know how he managed to win this one, all the players seem terrible in this lobby* dude just answered his own question, lol

  9. Idk y he says that he spends so much time going through every clip but his voice is recorded abd he plays it out through the video like every intro he says that this video is going to be brilliant but yet not every video is brilliant

  10. Every time it showed the lemon twitch dude Iā€™m feel like he cheats

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