The NEW Havoc Is Absolutely BROKEN In Season 4! (Apex Legends)

The NEW havoc is insane this season, most BROKEN assault rifle in the game right now you NEED to use.
Apex Legends Season 4

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  1. This gameplay is not even in season 4 this is season 3 gameplay I can tell because of the peacekeeper on the ground.. if you didnt know the peacekeeper was removed as a ground drop and replaced by the mastiff… and he ran past a peacekeeper on the floor near the start of the clip this is fucking garbage clickbait you recorded this in season 3 and dropped it in season 4 to act like the havoc is still op…. bruh moment anyone?

  2. If you wanted challenges for guns, you’ll have to buy it for $20 due to EA


  4. I used to not like the Havoc at all, now I am loving it! But I suck at the game, so naturally I want the easy way. 😀

  5. Flatline >>> Havoc against low profiles

    Havoc >>> Flatline against normal/fortified

    I have spoken

  6. Dont think havoc is broken, the charge-up balances it. I used to hate it but then realized i melt people on medium distance. Now i love it 🙂

  7. The havoc is absolutely insane today played like 10 games and won 7 of them just because of the havoc
    I had it every game

  8. I die more often to a pathfinder with a havoc than anything in the game by far this season. I would enjoy it having maybe less ammo in the gun

  9. 9:20 that’s my reaction when i spray someone down with my r301/99 and my opponent just instantly kills me with the flatline

  10. I got my friend to start playing Apex 2 weeks ago, we've been playing everyday with no wins. I've never held onto the havoc, but this one game where I literally couldn't find any other guns, and we were being pressured in a closing ring the whole game so I couldn't even loot boxes, we got our first win with 13 squad kills. The "charge up" of the gun really threw me off though, many times like in your portal fight, super close range and fast but just couldn't fire or I forget and let go of the trigger thinking the game glitched and I couldn't shoot.

  11. Your challenges argument was so wack dude. Challenges don't matter because I already completed the objectives. What would matter is another challenge where I haven't completed the objective. UNTIL YOU UNLOCK THAT SKIN AND YOU NO LONGER CARE ABOUT CHALLENGES.

    Problem isn't the challenges, it is you don't stop playing the game.

  12. I used the havoc plus PK to get a 15 kill win in ranked today. I just won every gunfight I got into and no one could handle the damage.

  13. Havoc indeed has a ton of damage and a large magazine.
    But it takes first delay to start firing (+ it makes loud noise while it does that) and second delay to get control of it, because first few shots gonna kick really hard.
    It takes a second to start firing properly. Absolutely terrible choice in face to face confrontations even against mid-range weapons.
    But when that dakka gun starts beating, huh, hold me hound, I'm gonna go end people's careers!
    Yet in that second of delay flatline can just take down your shield. Now you're 1v1-ing flatline, but you're without a shield.

  14. Yeah I like Havoc, but I really miss the Devotion. It's a special drop now but I never see it

  15. The Havoc literally does what it’s supposed to do right now; cause havoc.

  16. weapon vendor machines and you pay with shield or hp, so theres a tradeoff 😀

  17. How did it take the pros this long? I’ve known it was broken for like the last two months.

  18. Great play. Liked how you cared about Gibby. Do you prefire the havoc. It always seems slow to shoot for me. And I'm so glad you got insta killed in a what the moments like I have too. Haha. Gg.

  19. About the gold camo idea you mentioned in the video , I think it's cool but every TTV will have gold wingman and pk in the first 3 days it gets added

  20. I agree.. the daily challenges are not intriguing to my game play.

  21. I think the flatline is as good as the havoc if not better but with a harder recoil control so if they nerfed the havoc's recoil it well be just a flatline

  22. This season havoc is equivalent to the season 0 & season 1 spitfire. No recoil, massive damage & huge magazine size
    (shoutout Bangalore)
    I use the havoc a lot 1 because I’m not the best player, and 2 it’s the best close & mid range gun in the game & even slightly long ranges it still can hit some shots, in my opinion it’s the most versatile & best gun in the game overall

  23. I’m not that good at apex, and I think the havoc is really good. Today I just got my first squad wipe like all three people and the first time getting kill leader with it

  24. THANK YOOOOU! I've been saying that it's broken for a while now but no one listens to me

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