The NEW Legendary Peacekeeper is Unbeatable! – PS4 Apex Legends

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  1. Can you tell us your settings because I feel like I would be a much better player when I get my settings down. If not that’s fine. Thanks 🙏

  2. I am really annoyed that they made the peacekeeper golden and the mastiff grey it’s just very stupid
    R.I.P grey peacekeeper

    It was so common and so easy to get those good kills and even the charge with the peacekeeper was more common than the peacekeeper today I want grey peacekeeper back now

  3. The PK is insane. I had low ground and downed a person from smg range with it. I also got a crack on level 3 body shield with just one shot

    Also the meta may be different on PC. I've grown to really hate KK because of the third parties. I mean you win a fight 2 more teams are now after you. So imo World's Edge is a lot better to me because you get the time to loot before the third party shows up. And with the map being so much bigger you can pick a place to jump and your less likely to run into everyone on the damn server. Just my observations I am interested to hear what the meta is like on the console side of the game

  4. @iTemp Plays I feel the same exact way about this update me and my friends were only able to rarely get a win in season four but we’ve been consistently get multiple wins a night now everything just feels better smoother and more balanced love your vids keep it up ❤️❤️

  5. Not trying to hate but does he use mouse + keyboard?
    I don’t say he never plays with controller but in this vid it feels like it

  6. Bangalore heirloom could have a trench or folding shovel
    Gibraltar, caustic or mirage would be nice

  7. I feel the same way. I'm not very good at apex but ever since season 5 came out I've been doing a lot better. I got 12 kills last week.

  8. I dont know i feel like i can’t run into anybody lately on that map and me and my mate search for scraps the whole game and when we find one we get 3rd and 4th party all the time pretty much. I really prefer landing fragment on WE

  9. Sombra:Loba
    Lifeline: Baptiste
    Gibralter:Reinhart….I don't know how to spell it
    Bangalore:The new character coming in overwatch 2
    Wattson: Mei
    Bloodhound:…..haven't figured out but according to his ultimate I'm gonna go with Winston
    Wraith: Tracer and Symmetra had a baby
    Mirage: Still thinking about it
    Crypto: Genji……srry

  10. Bro they should replace the gold barrel stabilizer for a gold mag that has fast reload

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