The *New Octane Heirloom!! (Apex Legends PS4)

Welcome back to the channel guys! Today we are playing some Octane and using the new heirloom! I hope you enjoy the gameplay!

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  1. Y'know how octane uses the needle in the balisong at the beginning of the animation? When you have the heirloom equipped, I think Octane should use the knife instead of the stim when you activate your ability.

  2. As an octane Main I approve this is an awesome video that 💯% tells truth about octane

  3. I wish they made it so that when you stumped while having the heirloom it would use the heirloom to stim but good heirloom and awesome gameplay

  4. Bro how old is your graphics so good every single time you play this game called apax Legends

  5. the heirloom would be even more lit if it doubled as his stim

  6. Started 3 weeks ago got my first heirloom shards idk what to buy ima ait for season 6

  7. whos wacthing this that are octane main and have dreams of getting it 😂😂😂

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