The Old Tilted Towers In Creative Mode Fortnite (Creative Code In Desc)

The Old Tilted Towers In Creative Mode Fortnite
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CREATIVE CODE HERE – 0610-6333-6731
creators youtubere here –
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  1. I can't believe i miss the spot where i mostly died than kill everyone in solo duos and squads

  2. What tilted has been through

    Season 2 tilted towers
    Season 4 meteor hits tilted towers
    Season 5 rocket almost destroys tiled
    Season 6 cube hits building who dies
    Season 7 earthquakes
    Season 9 neo tilted
    Season X tilted town


    Also tilted had nothing at season 1 and 2 that’s why I did not include them

  3. Dude you are legend when I start playing in season 5 I all the time making so many thing now I can do again thank you so much and don't worry I'm gonna use you code thax you are legend 🙂

  4. Pls make this a zone war map with storm it will be epic and the chest randomised it would be sick pls I beg you

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