The P2020 is more Dangerous than you Think – Apex Legends

Today’s gameplays are truly P2020 madness! They kill much quicker than you might think… Leave a like and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. Recently started playing Apex again and im realizing how fun it is.

  2. Bro your so good at the game that I thought you were on pc but I just checked and your on ps4 bro you actually insane

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  5. I've been trying to tell them thr p2020 with hammerpoint dont play

  6. P2020 with hammer point completely melts from up close, p2020 with hammer point and the g7 scout with double tap is a great combo imo

  7. 8 k likes not even 30 hours later, it's amazing to watch you grow and improve. Hope you're still having fun playing, I know I'm hella enjoying the content. Keep it up

  8. His call outs be like hereherehereherehere, crackedcrackedcracked, portalingportalingportalingportaling

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