The PC Wingman Hits Different! – Apex Legends

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  1. Rich looting the whole box but only having 5 shotgun shells and missing 16 shotgun ammo 😂

  2. its not that its hitting better, jsut aimassist is stronger on pc. with only one bullet the first shot must hit. with autoguns you auto compensate on the followups.

  3. you need top ADS with the Mastiff even upclose

  4. Lol now imagine I connect shots with 30fps in intel HD

  5. Can’t believe they didn’t respond lifeline in all that loot I’m also suprised that’s she didn’t quit lol

  6. I've owned my standard PS4 since 2015, I play it all the time and I've not noticed any drop in performance.

    I'm surprised by Rich's report of dropped frames.

  7. those three 13s in a row he hit on revenant make zero sense, you were literally right on them. i would've been so upset lol

  8. My ps4 doesn’t work as well as it could. But I’ve also never cleaned it and I’ve moved it from place to place. When turning on it doesn’t beep anymore, or at all really. Even when turning off or ejecting discs. Still don’t think I’ll be getting anything new.

  9. If you’re stuck playing Apex on PS4 Pro you definitely want to use 1080p 60hz over 4K 30hz.
    I think a lot of people are going to miss out when it comes to the next gen consoles not realizing their TV’s don’t go above 60hz

  10. Tell me why Rich didnt use his 2 arc starts on the lifeline revive and decided to throw it on the off chance it damages the other guy😂11:54

  11. Dude you just got used to pc fps, i think so at least. I wouldn't go back to console lol.
    Even though i miss the account and all the unlocks

  12. I hope that with the cross play release a method to convert PSN account data to Steam/Origin. I’m in the same boat as Rich, PS4 account has all of my stats and items but after playing on PC it’s crazy to choose to play Apex on PS4, but here I am having to play on PS4 to not lose access to all of my cosmetics, heirlooms, badges etc..

    In Modern Warfare I’ve been able to merge access to my account on console and PC, but they had Activision accounts from day one. I fear since that’s not the case with Apex it may not be possible to merge accounts on different platforms, forcing me to buy a PS5 to be able to play Apex at a good frame rate (makes all the difference). I know if I’m not able to play on PC then I’m turning off crossplay at least with PC most likely. PS4/XB1 players stand little chance against PC in general.

  13. You fight against your iTemps and BackoffmyJack while having Teammates like lifeline gotta love BRs!

  14. Mastiffs aren't meant for headshots. It's basically designed for high speed chase, dodgy strafing and evasive fighters. It's a people catcher, not a head scratcher.

  15. why still use the controller we all seen them vids where u use mouse and keyboard u know u can do good w it not saying u are bad or anything w the controller just saying

  16. Thats what happened w my ps4 and now i play on a bootcamp mac pro with a controller lmfaoooo

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