The Problem With Apex Legends..

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  1. Don't add an item every week. Add every 2 or 3 weeks so you can try something before it gets removed

  2. Totally disagree. You don't want to add new chess pieces every week, or new starcraft units, or new dota items. This game is about skill, about achieving more with a limited set of tools. Each weapon should have a distinct character and remain somewhat realistic and balanced.

    I like how Respawn approaches balancing in the game, adding a few tweaks here and there, not rushing with new content, making small steps and changing the meta carefully and thoughtfully.

  3. I agree with the slow updates. I'm also not a fan of constant updates but some small weapon/nade changes and also server stability are more than welcome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 👍

  4. I hear what your saying. It would be nice to have new content updates on a regular basis like Fortnite. However, I believe Respawn stated that they didn't want to push their devs and make them work crazy hours like the Fortnite devs in order to constantly push new content out. I'm sure Respawn are working on new content for the game, we just have to be patient.

  5. I'm 50 years old and probably one of the worst Apex Legends players to be honest. However, I just love having the Longbow with a decent scope, plus a devotion for the spray and pray up close stuff. So long as I can get a few kills with and hear the sound of that Longbow – I'm an old happy chappy.

  6. The new hop-ups for the Moza, Alternator, P2020 and RE45 have sort of made up for the lack of new weapons.
    I agree that making the L-Star only available in loot drops is disappointing. However adding challenges has given Apex a new lease of life.
    I've been a gamer for over 30 years and the challenges have given me an excuse to log in more often.
    Great vid buddy 😉

  7. This game is very frustrating and the fucking Mozamshit makes me wanna delete the game I always feel like the game is fucking trolling me with that shit I wanna slap the devs in the face so bad for adding that trash in the game

  8. ok maybe not a weekly update but i think a small update after every two weeks should be fine as well

  9. Would you guys like to see a flamethrower? Just spitballing here don't cyber kill me lol

  10. I agree Alex legend's need more items it beats fortnite in character story that hook people up so they need bring new things to make enjoynit

  11. Problem with invite frends the play game “error” ??? Plz help

  12. I would never want to see uptades as rapid as fortnite. It would ruin this game. This is a game u need to find out you like a gun you thought you did’nt like after 200h and it becomes a New favorite because you find a New use for it or learn it more.
    It’s all about how much you are able to play. I have 170h in Apex since FEB and have never felt lack of Content. For me Content is something you make with friends and this game is amazing with good friends. You work more on the team than on the nades or weapons.
    BUT of course New nades or special events Will always be good to get New player in or bring back old.
    I like weekley and daylies even if some are stupid easy. But I still find it fun with friends comparing tasks to do and help each other etc etc.

    And ranked is Will be GREAT when they start tweaking it. And the same for other stuff. I have patience and know things Will come.
    People forget how conplicated theese things are. A legend takes 1,5y to create from scratch. Have that in perspective. You can’t just create a New nade in a month and just see what happends. It needs to be calculated in every single little aspect and potential use in different metas/situations/ranked etc etc. And even forsee how that ”New nade” Will work with all the unreleased legends aswell in the big picture.

    I love the game.
    Play as much as I can in the time I have and wait.
    Great things WILL come but doing it the fortnite way is NOT what Apex needs in my opinion.
    Apex needs care and quality, NOT quantity.

  13. Quality over quantity. i cant imagine an item every 2 weeks is going to be well balanced and designed…but yh apex needs a bit more regular content I agree but we did just get map changes…emotes…skins…and a new character a month ago. Maybe something is now due

  14. I stopped playing apex due to no solos and not having any of my freinds to play with since they all left to play overwatch. Btw I picked up that acer nitro monitor and I love it thanks for the recommendation!👍

  15. I'm not a fan of constant updates, I came from COD 4 to Apex. I like 1 set of weapons and meta and that's it. Call me old fashioned. 🙂

  16. I absolutely agree that there is a lack of contact Simple things like throwing in a different type of grenade like I don't know one that has a bkackhole pulling affect Throw that near the cover that the enemies hiding behind it drags them out or throw it to keep someone of plays whatever doubling Watson's ultimate as a mobile respawn would be freaking awesome But if you check the Twitter you see that they're complaining about keyboard and mouse on council specifically the xim apex They have a whole team working on it however that is literally the best keyboard mouse thing out and they are not gonna beat it waste of time only a small percentage of people would even spend the money on it

  17. I completely agree with you. Like you said if they just added a new Nade and vaulted the Thermight nade. I think it would really make the game grow even more.

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