The Problem with Ranked Apex Legends

Apex Legends has been making a lot of great changes to improve the game, but their ranked mode has some glaring issues. I’m here to vent about them and hopefully something can be changed for next season! Share this video with Respawn!



  1. It should be I’m silver4 and a wraith main with over 8000 kills and I’m a low rank cause I hate camping it’s boring

  2. I’m watching this cuz I like you. I’m not a competitive person and don’t play ranked never gonna take it that seriously. But you make a good appointment

  3. I dont play rank, but in season 4 I decided thst I'll try. Why? Because Im lvl 94 and I suck and I matchmaking is really great and I get to play against lvl 500 champions. I was bronze with zero rp and I decide that I should play a little bit of rank before season ends because there are probably only noobs like myself still in bronze. What do you know there are. And we got to be teammates. Where are the lvl 500s you ask. They didnt go anywhere. They are still champions I play against even in ranked. But I kinda liked ranked and I wil probably play it more next season even though I say that every season.

  4. I’m diamond and I think there should be 2points for kills and no limit because if you got a no scope and it was your sixth kill you would get no credit and plus then the game would become what it’s meant to be because the point of this game is kills and being aggressive it’s the heart and soul of the game

  5. biggest problem in hige rank is those tammates die first and blame others buz of this traash things we kosed RP buz of shitty 3 party i cant even go for plat 3 im stuck at plat from 3 seasons

  6. Pretty good idea. If it worked like that I would play ranked (I mostly don’t because the ransoms seem to be less coordinated than usual.)

  7. I'm gold 4, it's pretty annoying coming across Apex Pred's (you can see the badge)
    I have 400 kills (only with Wattson) and I get killed by people who have 20k kills

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