The PROBLEM With SOLO QUEUE In Apex Legends

The PROBLEM With SOLO QUEUE In Apex Legends is that we don’t consider ourselves in the equation. How to win games in Apex if you haven’t thought of yourselves as the random player that many of us moan about. That’s the goal of today’s video, some real talk.

Tell me about your solo queue experience in the comments below.

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  1. Enjoy your content been watching your older stuff from over a yr ago lol great stuff!!

  2. Once late at night when the sweats were all on, i jumped landing near the vault near geyser in worlds edge. I looted up everything was normal. Someone got me from behind and i was downed. Then i noticed there were 2 squads but weren't fighting each other… they all crowded around me and repeatedly revived and killed me until i left…

  3. My team lost a ranked game because we had one selfish player who I dropped meds for when he was low and then when I got knocked he finished the dude who had 20 hp left spent 30secs looting, then rezzed me without giving heals, I went the entire game without heals, we got 3rd place, I had 1.5k dmg and he had 300, our other one had 1.3k he didn't have heals tho

  4. So this one guy.. He took pathfinder, which is my main legend. However he wasn’t a bad path so I wasn’t too mad. He essentially stole allll of me and this other guys kills. He would celebrate every kill with, “I am so good, omg” and, “did you guys see that?” So yeah, pretty gruesome. But it gets worse. The end of the game came, and the ring was a bad one. I realized this so I healed up to max and positioned myself so that I could last the longest in the safe zone in order to out-heal the other team. He, however, said to push. I told him about the zone, and him and the other guy didn’t seem to care. They died and he LET LOOSE on me. “WHY ARE YOU OVER THERE?? WHY DIDN’T YOU PUSHH? YOU’RE SOO BAD???” My health no joke went to less than one tick before death when I got a med off. Then as I’m about to die again, I gave up. Then all of the sudden, we won! He was still shouting at me for “losing the game for them” when we won. Let’s just say I shut him up with “If I’m so damn bad, why did I not listen to you and win? Maybe that means you were wrong? Idk I guess we’ll never know.” He just said “stfu” and left. Best win of my life.

  5. So i was solo queue and landed building site expecting the team to follow (1 did) we looted and fought off who we could in the snowy skull city, we ripped sheilds and pinged enemies until the ring was on us and we got downed while the the other randy timotei1234 was looting the other side of the city and plugged his mic in…. To chat shit as he faiked to finish anything or get banners and ran away, then invited me to a party and literally begged me to play again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. I'm a bag of shite too. I almost always revive teammates idk guess I got a 'no man left behind' mentality lol.

  7. I dont even have anyone good to team up with and I cant find anyone to play with either so I'm a solo q guy since I installed this game. My psn is M1DN1GHT_0verd0z if anyone wants to team up

  8. My story, played ranked, Im jumpmaster, team mates detach and go nowhere near where I tagged, they die… turn their mics and yell at me, they disconnect… I win solo with 7 kills and get alot of RP lol its on my channel

  9. I was playing with randoms and got a young child as a teammate who had apparently been grounded from video games and decided he was gonna sneak on in the middle of the night. He was actually decent but we got to the last 3 and his mom came in the room obviously infuriated. There was some screaming and crying followed by a very loud bang which I can only assume was the kids console. And then he disconnected. Ive always wondered if that kid is still alive.

  10. Solo que is foreigners flaming you in broken English then treating you like a god from the 3rd moon when you get a good few kills

  11. I usually ask if everyone is kitted-up when I'm ready to begin engaging. Most of the time someone is just looking for a little more ammo, an attachment or some more consumables, but once they get the sense that someone is ready to go they say what they need or why they're not ready. I think that if you're the one ready to go, stating your intentions early really helps begin the dialogue of individual needs and wants and fosters unit cohesion. IMHO.

  12. Yeah I ping people's direction to had yes or no here is a tip of you or any body els who dose not know if you hold down the tag button you get a ring that has multiple choices. So you can agree or disagree with your team if you are not talking.

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