The Problems with Apex Legends

They’ll get around it eventually



  1. Can we pay our respects to typho, miltia,bordie, and purple for being the whaman tht stay wit Brad and put up with his sexism

  2. How dafik did bordie get here so fast

    Bordie: I WALKED!

    The last vid i watched was heyimbee with swagger nag bordie with that other dude called dating amth in vr csgo, that's a reference vut actually wen u think about it….*w e w* how far she's gone to.
    Miss those old days

  3. Zylbrad was running a fascist state here, then the female rebelled by taking his armor and ammo. Most impressive…

  4. why yur frend name ld5o is kill leader with 4 kills and yu got 5 kills what pllzzz like equals to i will shout to my mom while sleeping i will say WHAT DO YU MEAN BROTHER APEX ZLBRADDDD

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