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  1. I'm completely convinced that 301/99 is the best loadout in the game rn. Literally fries.

  2. You know maybe if my headset wasn't broken I could hear audio and actually get back into my diamond/masters again

  3. I was amazed at how many Predators were down in my silver 2 lobby yesterday. Nearly every game had multiple stacked predator squads. That just ain't right my man. Has to be a pretty easy fix for this but maybe I am wrong???

  4. Just wanted to say ur cracked &&i solo q to diamond 2 in like a week every season ..split .and at the end I just give up cause i work too much I’ll hit pred easily with a well coordinated team no doubt .

  5. Play on m & k. Like eu lyr1c, aceu or fade, you have the potential to be a movement god like those dudes. Good Luck.

  6. Looking for someone on Xbox to 1v1 on a firing range for training purposes at Europe region or close. My nick Coconut313, got 1.8 kd

  7. This girl sounds so boring its really hard to watch the vids with her voice in rhe background

  8. The only reason I play ranked is to shit on noobs with my really bad friends lol. They can’t play most of my lobbies and ranked is more fun

  9. Puff daddy: here’s your volt
    Vettee: yayyyyyyyyy☺️
    Vettee is the most adorable gamer ever😂

  10. Puffer boutta blow up the PC ranked lobbies. Movement is comparable to Knoqd and his aim is cracked too. I didn’t even mention game sense too

  11. Apex should have a placement system like do 5 placement matches and it places you depending on your performance in them 5 games so diamond players will almost never match bronze players

  12. Epic skin octane in sliver ranked beaming for over a 150 every clip…Ya..everyone is calling u a cheater

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