The SECRET to the MK14 – PUBG Mobile

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The Mk14 is an often overlooked weapon in PUBG Mobile. Found only in Supply Drops, the Mk14 is a versatile killing machine. Here are some tips from Powerbang on how to best load out the Mk14. Best attachments, best scopes and settings.

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  1. Ethinte power enthannu ariyan ethinte sound thanne dharalam.close range beast in auto mode😎😍

  2. Instead on focusing on costumes and birds, why don't you put more focus on fixing hundreds of glitches present in the game and banning noobra cheaters ?

  3. There's a category above DMR called EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) which is that of Mk14. I'd chose Mark 14 over and again till infinity


  5. When we're talking about mk14, but this guy just can't hold himself to use awm

  6. Since I started using it the right way I always keep 2 cheek pads in inventory. Totally worth it

  7. Pubg mobile I open 5 to 9 crates primeum create but I don't get any thing please give me some thing

  8. Playing in Miramar a guy was on roll with Mk14, but with 5 alive i gave him and his teammate taste of their own medicine.
    All hail the MK14.

  9. I almost never use full auto on anything and yet win all the time. Semi automatic is all you need, it’s more accurate and doesn’t risk wasting much ammo.

  10. The biggest secret: If you put a sniper compensator instead of an AR compensator it has way more controllable recoil and if you use aim assist it helps even more. And if you go prone it helps even more.

    If you use MK14 on auto with a red dot, sniper comp, cheek pad, and go prone the recoil is actually easy to control, even past 50 meters. Trust me, instead of saying "bullshit" try it yourself.

    You can actually kill someone at 100 meters with an 8x with this method if your ADS ssensitivity is right.

  11. When i saw one of my teammate using it auto .first I thought he was hacking.but when i used it myself it awed me.

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