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  1. What is this for a recolor???? Its the first Time i see him in Apex AND ON YT

  2. Hello there once again my ever faithful favourite YouTuber it is I the good comment man, back at it again with another good comment.

    Today I just wanna tell u that u r the goat and that nothing can stop u

  3. I just love how everyone looks past the red dot scope on the spitfire 😂😂 only if they know what I know, I'll just leave this comment here for any lucky person that gives it a try ☺

  4. Chicken I keep gettin into servers where the hole server is lagged and u move supper slow and crap like if your lagging or something

  5. I like the fact that you use the variable scopes just as much as I do. Lol
    All my friends give me shit for it, but they’re so underrated

  6. Hehe spitty go brrrrrrr nah but forreal mid range or if your good with the hip fire spitty is god tier

  7. Hey chicken I think my friends got in a game with you 2 days ago. He sent me a screenshot of your banner, and then I checked out your mirage video and they matched, as well as the username and stats.

  8. Spitfire with purple stabilizer, a good heavy mag and 3X optics….And you have a big accurate megalemlok that is deadly…. And great if you are shooting from hip fire

  9. Chicken you killed me on worlds edge. Do you remember finishering me at the top of that biulding in fragment east?

  10. 2019 spitfire: I’m the better spitfire
    2020 spitfire: no I am

    Titanfall spitfire with insane damage and 80 bullets in the mag: amateurs

  11. The 1x scopes actually are less the 1x on some guns so that they are the right size on screen

  12. At release the spitfire had 65? rounds in a purple magazine, and did 22 damage a shot I think. I know Kobi broke an early kill record with it.

  13. Hey Chicken. A little Mirage tipp: If you hold the ability button for a little bit and then release it you will automatically control the decoy. Have a great day✌🏽

  14. For ranked I like using charge rifle and spitfire. Then when it gets to a smaller ring swap the charge rifle for a r99 or volt etc 🙂

  15. Spitfire and Pathfinder since day one. Shitty hitbox on path and a suped-up spitty all the way to a lean hitbox and a balanced weapon. Glad you do it justice, I gotta try the 2-4 on it.

    just another spitty magazine

  17. Bangalore is the perfect partner for Mirage. That smoke makes his Ultimate even more confusing

  18. Yesterday got 2 challenges from Apex. To down 10 players and deliver 7500 with LMGs….easiest 2 lvls I have got on Battle Pass – and on top of all now I think if I pass Spitfire now 😀

  19. The spitfire is really poverfull and especially for the players with worse aim.but every sweaty wraith plays an r9 so no one really talks about this gun.

  20. Good gun, Very easy and forgiving. But in some situations I would rather have the dps from something like a flatline

  21. The spitfire is a good weapon but it's also kinda lame. You stand there and shoot and you most likely win. Also I'm biased because of the amount of times some goon wouldn't stop shooting when I'm behind a wall

  22. Yesss the spitfire is great I just hold down R2 on a lifeline that had me 1 shit and killed her

  23. I started playing Season 7 with Bloodhound + SPITFIRE WITH PURPLE ATTACHMENT + EVA8. THE BEST COMBO FOR MY PLAY STYLE 🔥

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