The "Volt SMG" Confirmed, for Season 4 (Apex Legends)?!?!?

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Did Respawn Confirm The “Volt SMG” for Season 4 (Apex Legends)?!?!?

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  1. So is there going to be a connection to the theme of Hammond tech and their whole ‘planet energy harvesting’ thing going on to the energy weapons?

  2. I don't understand why are they adding a new sniper rifle. There are too many sniper rifles in the game already.

  3. They could fix the loot table by removing white attachments and just making Gold other attachments as replacement but since Gold items are rather limited would leave space for the loot table, personally we need energy mags to stop energy guns being OP but I'd say as an assault rifle the Havoc of the bat is meh, I'd personally make it not need a turbo charger and just allow for the selectfire to be used.

  4. I dont want the sentinel!!!we dont need any more snipers,a pistol or shotgun would be great


  5. I hope the season 4 battle pass os as amazing as season 3's :))

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