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  1. This guy prefers to see the wins! 100%. If I wanna see "squad eliminated" over and over I'll just jump on Apex myself! 😅

  2. show us a video of just 1 game where you die in the first 30 seconds so I can have a video I can relate to

  3. I would totally love to see a fail compilation
    and maybe a bit of autopsy of those
    Luv ya chicken

  4. I'd like to see a loosing match, right off spawn/drop. Make the video no longer than 10 seconds after the into….

  5. Definitley upload the fails u never see anyone upload their work they put in to get those wins wich makes people think you win every game it b a nice change prolly get alot of views make the title good tho like learn from these mistakes from the chiknman

  6. You my man are an absolute beast but nicer than nice lol. Gl, keep it up homie.

  7. I am an Xbox player, but i like your content (you, Jankz, Ratchet, iTemp, Kobi, "young Stay" as Jankz says) better. I, like many others, also suck at this game, LOL and would love to see some complete disasters. I don't know how many times I have landed with preds/diamonds/etc and they die off spawn and bounce out ASAP. It would be funny to see you land in a game, all prepped to kick A** and get lasered, only to come back the next game and have better RNG success. Definitely will make you appear more human. I would do it, but no one wants to watch a dude die off spawn 9 times in a row, then never back it up with decent play. I am a good meat shield for my team mates. LOL Keep killin the content!

  8. You should do a video where you show you're thinking behind it, and then if you die, you'll explain why you did what you did and obviously why you died, sort of like an educational episode. Jankz did this and it was amazing

    Keep up the grind 🙂

  9. Can you start showing your kills as pathfinder want to see if I have more or not 🙂

  10. This looked like normal game play for the average player. Going the whole match and not seeing the opponents until the end. Getting champion squad with <7 kills in the squad.

    Now I know you are human lol.

    Great video!

  11. Hate it when people comment if you had a YouTube channel you’d put your losses on..fuck off man 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. People asking this because they think people like you always wining each game they pop in which isn't the case…just try to get better people jeeez

  13. I'd like to see win loses bloopers and trick shots from the chickman let's us know you're human like us lol

  14. Just be real chicken upload some dope content, win or loss just be yourself. Being real is what attracts people. love the chic-achet combo 🙂

  15. Yes please, add the losses… Makes you look human… and makes us feel less crappier from our own mistakes 😀

  16. Absolutely love the fact that the chickenman and i have the same favourite load outs. My triple take game has literally amplified a 100 times since ive watched u play with it. Crazy games brother!!
    Id love to see some bad plays but like with you coaching us about how you couldve avoided it or like improvised and survived.

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