THEY WERE CHEATING IN RANKED!?!? (Console Apex Legends)

I got a little tilted 🙂
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  1. Hey man iv been getting very involved in apex and I'd really like someone to play with where I can ask questions and get good feedback on the game iv been watching you for a while now and I would love even just to play a couple game hit me up if your interested

  2. I don't think that is cheating but I also don't think that they should be doing that

  3. Dude that not cheating that area is a out of bounds area and u can get up there with pathfinder with his zipline and grapple

  4. I just seen my team mates teaming…. looked planned. They had an enemy knock them repeatedly and healed over and over again. I recorded it all .

  5. Technically It's Not Cheating, It's Just Cheeky, Glitchy, Douchebags.

  6. 10:40 There were 7 arc stars in those two death boxes man, you are a better player than me so no disrespect, but you definitely want them over at least one or two stacks of your small heals and one of your heavy. Good game btw. I loved the wrath of the Chicken.

  7. They should have points taken away I mean would anyone be okay with a glitch exploit where people have infinite ♾ ammo ?? NO EVERYone would be pissed

  8. Oh wow, I had encountered a team doing that while I was trying to snipe them from up top. I had no idea you couldnt get up there

  9. these hackers are a joke they using shitty aimbots with shit coding like wtf kind of cheats they use that they miss shots and shit pathetic the cheats i use never miss well that is cause i use premium ones.

  10. You can get on there with the zipline not all the way up and then you can grapple to the top. I never use it actually but if others are i sure as hell go up there to murder their asses

  11. Thanks for all your great uploads. Sadly I don't play Apex anymore (life sometimes gets in the way). I will stay subbed to you Chicken as your vids are some of the best of.this game. Thanks again, and shout outs from the flattest, most boring province of Saskatchewan Canada.!

  12. This happened to me so basically my team mate wasn’t helping me kill the other team and was standing right beside the other team which I didn’t think nothing of until I realized he was teaming

  13. It's not cheating and can't blame people for exploiting a glitch. Respawn has to do something about it.

  14. With serious cheats out there including people using strike packs and keyboard on console this is the last thing to moan about. Blame respawn for this, players can only play with the actual rules afforded to them wether they come from glitches or not. My opinion.

  15. I just started playing apex and I don’t understand how that’s cheating when they have 25 seconds to get back in bounds. Explain to this noob lol

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