Not hearing footsteps is one thing, not hearing the 99 firing in your own hands is something else entirely.
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season 7 apex legends, clubs kicking members, apex legends no reg bug…


  1. Its the best if you have NO nade-indicator to go with it! Fits perfectly… Because this game is great like that!

  2. Was rolling up to 3rd party when it went dead silent and next thing i know i ran in between both squads lmao

  3. I think the worst case of this happened to me up where that waterfall is. Was mid fight with 2 teams and all audio dropped! The waterfall went quiet and distant with all other audio completely dropping!! And this was while I was trying to fight one team infront of me and one to the left. Needless to say my teammates got the same and we’re both downed. Luckily I was playing octane so I stimed and jump padded away.

  4. While going on a streak at Hammond labs near the water fall I had 3 downed from 2 different teams, 8 kills and was still working through people. Then the 65th party rolls up and I got killed in 1 frame because all three of them unloaded 99s and volts into my back. It was similar to being headshotted in Warzone. Instant death. The amount of frustration that I had was immense. I never heard footsteps, nor did I hear their guns going off. Granted I was hyper focused on some guys I was fighting, but to die that fast because I couldn’t hear literally anything was absolutely defeating. I don’t pop off like that often but when I do, it absolutely crushes me to die to something I didn’t have a chance to even fight or run from

  5. Oh don't worry Chicken I've had It before where an Octane (loudest Legend) sneaks up behind me sticks me with an arc, and I don't even realise until I see the indicators. Lol

  6. This may not be an audio bug but solar array is LOUD. I'm hearing the wind and birds anytime I'm over there, it's like I'm actually outside 😕

  7. Ok So there was 3 teams left, my whole team, versus a solo, and what we thought was another solo (actually a full team). We had just finished the crypto solo on the ramp next to the third turbine in Grow Towers. I was looting his body and checking my surroundings every few seconds. I look South East onto the ramp right next to the wall to see if I heard something. Silence, just dead silence. I could hear the murmur of the turbines spinning off in the distance. Little did I know, right behind that exact wall was the full team about to roll onto us. I stop and listen, I have really good headphones and my volume is pretty loud. I look back at the wall just in time to see the whole squad bound over the rock in front of me and full laser me. No sound ques, no noise, not even a footstep or a voice call out. Brrrrrrrrrrrrt. Dead. Other team won. In seconds. I even have a video. Today I even tried to blast full volume on my pc for the vid and can't hear any warning. lmk if you want to see the vid and I will post a clip on my channel.

  8. I had a game last between Towers and Cannon where we were suddenly in the storm because it had no audio.

  9. “WaLl HaCkInG” 😂 I hate the audio glitch. Idk why but it bothers me so much when I can’t hear my own battery make noise. Haha

  10. Quick tip about bloodhound not every situtation he's gonna be able to see and take in everything one time especially in the middle of a fight with multiple squads its often too quick and distracting to pick up on everything

  11. In platinum I had 6 kills and was feeling it then got ran up on by a whole squad in the middle of a field where they most definitely weren’t hiding. And the reason Ik audio was broken was cuz I caught a glimpse of a silent pathfinder grapple with no footsteps.

  12. I was mid-fight in turbine/lower part of the waterfall and all audio for everybody just disappeared. My gun audio, footsteps, everything the enemy was doing. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had.

  13. I like how I hear gunshots from the other side of the map, but I can't here a guy with loud robot legs, right next to me.

  14. 3 teams, middle rift area, about to get revinat pushed, and no sound from anything for 20 seconds

  15. I love it when Chicken casually praises his teammates or friends as if it's the best play in the world. <33

  16. Chicken: You gotta use more of your eyeballs

    Wraith: Just trust your eyes, and you'll lose

    Me: who's right here? 😣

  17. My worst audio bug was when I could not even here the game like litterly nothing but then I looked at my remote and the volume was at 0

  18. I play on xbox and ps4 but mainly xbox again and I literally hear everything but my teammates it's ridiculously crazy. Even crazy when we win with no communication

  19. Ah man you need to pay him for a Fin cam lol.,<– but seriously would have been a cool perspective cam.

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