This Cheater Has Unlimited Health! | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed | 100% HACKER!

This cheater simply cannot die…. *banned*

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  2. He can be killed by granedes. I have seen a hacker like him who was immortal from bullets being killed by grenades.

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  4. You have powerfull eyes. I cant shoot those enemys who r still n d air, even though i hv 8x.

  5. i just found this type of hackers in my game, i shot his head until my last amo and he didn't die, he didn't even wear any helmet and he killed me like wtf???? and he's a noob cause he can't even shoot properly (well i'm a noob myself but he's like worst than me)


  7. Es war kein Hecker
    Das pubg mobile hat einfach viele Grafik Fehler mir ist sowas schon oft passiert….. Manchmal bringst jemanden um mit einem Pfanneschlag und nechstesmal Entfernung 1m und mit Schrotflinte 3x kopfschus bring Gegner nicht um das ist pubg mobile manchmal ist egal wie gut du bist wenn Grafik spint hast Pech!

  8. i shot one guy today 3 times in the head one in the chest WITH KAR98K !!!!!!!! and he still managed to kill me withoud getting knocked out of course. this guy was so stupid that couldnt even hit me we were fighting from 20 meters without any cover. every cheaters mother diserve to make a career in brazzers or sth like that

  9. that's not hacking bro, you're playing in chinese, and it's a bit lag on your side so it is when u think ur hitting ur enemy actually you are hitting him, but on your enemies side , ur bullet is not registered coz ur lag or u bullets are delayed. it also happens to me many times in global version.

  10. Even if you report him, nothing happens, absolutely nothing. I have met several hackers in random matches & all of them have told me that PUBG Mobile dont give a damn about them & these reports.

    According to them, PUBG Mobile can only catch them if they hack while streaming otherwise keep hacking, PUBG Mobile cant catch you at all & thats true, i have seen few hackers who are hackers, way over from Season 3 & now it is Season 8 and they are still hacking with full capacity & confidence!

  11. Everyone who uses hacks can't play PUBG as it is. They suck at it so they rely on hacks.

  12. That's nigga had infinity gauntlet. Head shots & bullets give him Health. Fuckin reality gem.

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