This Cheater Won Nearly 50 Games in Apex Legends…Here’s How I Finally Caught Him! (Gameplay)

I had to buckle up and trust my guy to find out the truth! Apex Legends has cheaters that continue to go unpunished, so I took it upon myself to act on a gut feeling that this player was up to no good. Not only did I discover the truth, I realized some sneaky tactics cheaters are using to avoid getting caught. The ending ended up being more insane than I could have imagined, as it all became clear. Think he wasn’t cheating? Have your own story to add? Comment below! If you found this…


  1. I just started playing again and realized how sad it is people cheat. You made it clear! Now I recall 2x how I died so quickly with lvl 3 and 4 armor. Now I know it was cheating and I can report them.

  2. They arent finding you bro.. theres just that many cheaters in Apex. Its unreal some of the aim bots in this game

  3. 5 kills with aimbot man i would kill myself if i had a cheat i think i would erase whole server damn when i have a good team we erase whole server without cheat with each like 15-20 kills.

  4. Oh cmon lets be real 90% of players in this thrash game are cheating the aimbot and wallhack and not to mention no recoil is just free to download on googpe it works perfectly when i downloaded tried it i pressed alt+f4 and immidietly went to delete apex because its a troll game been watching some "pro" players like albralelie zeus sooxfar i know some are consol players but still they are all using aimbots you cant just run around and down people in one mag in this game without aimbot especially when they are moving the game is designed that way and whoever does that is cheating i especially love gold and diamond players who play aggressive like they are aceu or something man this kids today with everything available online is just not healthy im telling you this game just sucks. And this guy obviously i dunno whatever is he playing in controller or mouse he does not know how to use controller or that controller tracking is broken or his mouse is a cheap optic on a wodden surface with a sensitivity too high to make precise adjustments on moving targets thats how i know that even pro players today are cheating especially albralelie and others like him try watching videos in slow motion for example the only one that i truly believe is ot cheating is aceu because when i watch slow motion he makes very small movement with mouse and adjust aim on target especially with wingman when with other pro players you cant see that the only thing you do see is that yes the aim was in the head for a 1 split second but not the entire magazine that he emptied but still the numbers just keep poppin off so thats my friends is how you spot an aimboter especially one that is hidding. Yea they win few tournaments without cheat with 1 or 2 kill camping whole time but to get to that level you must try using wallhack and aimbot to get a sense of landing drops map awareness and 3rd partying timing thats it boys dont play fps, fps is just made possible for cheaters to cheat think about it.

  5. I've had the instant death cheat and speed hack. When I first started playing the game, I just thought everyone was super good at the game, and oftened wondered how in the heck I was getting killed so fast, while i would unload a whole mag into someone and they didn't drop. Now I know. Interesting.

  6. Imagine a hack that makes all your opponents guns have the lowest min roll damage. It would be hard to detect as it could be just bad rng luck

  7. Cheaters are fkn noobs who cannot evn play without cheats these cheaters have no life fkn r3tards they can't do anything in real life or in a virtual world fk idiots

  8. Dude could trace like a professional but literally couldnt put his crosshair over items to ping or grab them lol

  9. If you cheat in online games you're the inferior not the superior one.

  10. It's really pathetic and sad that some ppl just look for ways to exploit the game to pretend they are good. They do not care about the game and are not competitors. They just seek ways to cheat the system that will always be flawed to some degree. If they are exposed, they should be banned from other games as well. Gaming community blacklists. Nothing worse than these pieces of shit. Get out of our games and out of our arenas.

  11. I mean…idk. something about it doesnt make sense. Slow it down and watch the damage. Those werent headshots. If we was using aim hacks then it would be mostly or all headshots. But none of them were. The only sus thing i notice was spray control from that range. Its near impossible with the r-99…so i think he may be using a micro?

  12. So I just started playing this game and didn’t know you could report cheaters! Thanks for the videos!

  13. Ok or not ok, someone who uses aim bot and only aim bot because they have tremors in their hand

  14. you can tell by the crosshair placement the the general shaky mouse movement that this is not a good player. i can already tell that his sensitivity is way too high for him.

  15. I was watching your videos for about 1 week now! Love your videos man! Love from sri lanka! Keep them coming! <3

  16. I'm not a big subscriber to Streamers/Gamers but I started playing Apex a month ago and came across your videos. Now I've never felt like watching a video's has ever helped me improve so quickly, but yours have. You have the perfect voice for commentary and are extremely well spoken. Also hearing you talk at the end of this video really shows that you are a decent human being. Keep it up man, you got my sub and thank you for all the tips.

  17. If you are new to the cheating game, it is called auto aim and lock when pressing fire button. I saw that in first minute of this video. I report anyone that is doing this crap. This cheater did not have see enemy on, if the cheater had show enemy on. Then this would show on screen the enemy and make it is easier to detect the cheater. This game only shows friendly by default.

  18. That was still obvious, all you have to do is watch the snap to player (Enemy) I spotted that right away. And the constant lock on target, the cheaters, just has a good cheat and has his snap to settings set for close to target.

  19. Lol. Dead give away when he launched 2 smokes at enemies like 200 m away and got direct hits with both then lazared one of them with 99 headshots at like 150 m. with

  20. Your theme song should be

    Raynday! Raynday! Raynday! Detective Raynday Is on the case… With his sight of cheaters he will spot you easilyyyyyyyyy…. DETECTIVE RAYNDAY! DETECTIVE RAYNDAY! DETECTIVE RAYNDAY! Back on the case

  21. Aaaahh.. I missed the old Cascades I wanted to play old Apex Legends!!! :'(
    But I had to send some demons to kill Tanjiro…

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