This Controller Setting Will Make Your Aim BETTER…. (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + PC)

In this video today we’re gonna be talking about the hottest new setting/feature for controller Fortnite. And when I say new, I use that term kinda loosely because I actually believe it’s been in the game for a little over a month now, but the setting I’m referring to here is called “foot controller.” Now I wanna put the disclaimer out there that I am by no means the first person to find or talk about this. I know plenty of other controller youtubers out there have covered it, and it’s why I…


  1. I've been using foot controller for about 1 month I'm pretty sure and I've gotten better with aim so I suggest using it to get better

  2. The first time I saw the foot controller I actually has no clue about it so I try to find some explanation and I found about from disortz

  3. I feel like he talks like that on purpose to make the video longer😂

  4. Watch atomics video called: These FORNITE settings give you hacks! IT MAKES FORNITE SO MUCH EASIER.

  5. Gronky i need your opinion and it’s an easy one ,it’s unfair that ps4 has more advantage than Xbox

  6. Gronky is the MANNN! I’ve taken all of his advice and now i’m cracked asf. I’ve even started uploading content to follow my progress. Keep uploading quality content bro i’m out❤️

  7. My short range shots have increased exponentially, but my medium/long range is taking some getting used to. Been using it for 2 weeks

  8. thank you so much this was a game changer for me, my aim got so much better with this setting specially with the A.R

  9. How does this relate to deadzone? Does foot controller just affect the acceleration and has nothing to do with deadzone?

  10. I've been using this setting since upshall made his video. I think the variable between people who report liking it vs not comes down to sensitivity. Your and my Sens are probably not the same, infact I play Ghost aydans settings with foot controller enabled but sways settings without (I'm weirdly able to WKey in multiple styles). This is likely what creates the divide. Sways settings are so high and his aim sens so low it counters the acceleration a decent amount.

  11. 100% placebo lmao. shit doesn’t do anything. it has nothing to do with controller

  12. Xbox players do have this setting. It’s just through Fortnite, but through map control on your Xbox.

  13. Just show the damn settings and stop trying to stretch it to ten minutes for ad revenue

  14. Sooo the fact that Xbox player don’t have this yet is kinda putting us at a disadvantage? Cool..

  15. I been thinking about getting either a scuf controller or a 60-75Hz monitor, I’m a PS4 gamer and would like some input/thoughts on which would be a better choice. Anybody got any ideas?

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