This Girl is the Best Female APEX LEGENDS Player – 4423 DMG !

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This Girl is the Best Female APEX LEGENDS Player – 4423 DMG !


  1. idk man after seeing an aimbot comment i went to her stream and her shot r maybe too accurate idk, even when she hipfires she doesnt miss a shot then someone in her chat on twitch said "not only does she have aimbot but she also has just dance moves." wich wasnt enough for me to cross yet till i continued to watch her and her aim its just too good to be true even so i think she has better aim than some pro gamers

  2. Putain c'était.. énorme ? xDDD bravo, énormément d'agressivité, bonne utilisation du grappin, bon shoot, et déplacement très tactiques. J'ai adoré ^^

  3. I quit apex. All you gotta do is be pathfinder with an r99 and woohoo, you have the meta. Try rainbow six siege yall, itleast you can use a variety of weapons and there are many operators to choose from that are hella OP

  4. Dang, was going to give props but she plays with Pathfinder like pretty much everyone else unfortunately.

    She has good aim and recoil control which is what I look for because seeing everyone play with Pathfinder is 😴.

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