this GUN IS A CHEAT CODE IN PUBG! (not fair)



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  1. Pubg is, and has always been, shit!

    Fucking AR's winning face to face at ten feet vs Sm's. It's bullshit all the way around and unbalanced as fuck. People can hear you a mile away and every map makes it impossible to sneak up to a village because Koreans think stealth must happen in super slowmo so every sniper within a mile gets a turn at you.

    Registry is still shit, Packet loss is still a thing, the only skill is how well you can lean and quick-scope.

    So pubg is a joke where people dodge bullets with movement and dance around like fairies. I though Battlefield and Cod had went to shit-Pubg never was anything more than shit!

    Oh, and don't get me started about the never-ending wall hacks, snap head shots from the moon, and every other absurd situation Pubg throws out on a daily basis.

    In hindsight, I should have just ended on my first line!!!

  2. Dude just lost loads of subs (judging by the comments) lol. Tbh I didn't bother to sub in the 1st place yet youtube keep recommending his vids. He does have some great videos but 6 odd ads per 11minute video no thanks plus he just repeatedly click baits… if you want to grow dude keep up the good videos just stop click baiting and dim down the ads a lil bit

  3. Click bait.. just to get paid. Purposely putting 15 mins to get more cash flow with so many ads. End up the end is just his merch store promo. Zzzz. Click bait at its finest.

  4. Haha chopper thoese 2 guys at the start was teaming in you that's why he didant shoot him in the back it was 2 friends in solo

  5. Why have you click baited us? Clearly looks like the M4 on the cover i thought you was going to talk about what the problem was. Wasted my time subscription loss ☠

  6. Pubg is broken in general high ping and game crashing is the worst

  7. Honestly, I though you were going to use M416 and call it a cheat code gun. But Vector? Well, okay….

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