THIS *HACKER* IS CRAZY.. |Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 662

THIS *HACKER* IS CRAZY.. |Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 662

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  1. QOTD: I would team with Shivz and Rogue because Shivz the best player with Bangalore and I’m trying to get better with her and Rogue is a Bloodhound main like me who loves to play with the R301 just like me 😊

  2. QOTD: I'd queue with thatpunchkid live and ragtag because they're both very funny and entertaining ,and I think I'd have a fun match with them.

  3. QOTD: floating koala and backofmyjanx, floating koala is an amazing player and very interesting to talk to, and janx is real chill and a very good player aswell

  4. Always fun to watch your daily videos, keep doing the great work and everyone, keep safe. Much love 💕💕💕

  5. I would play with Johnny young, since I am a crypto main, and Zylbrad since he's my second favorite Youtuber.

  6. QOTD: I would team up with Aceu and Lyr1c because they are the fastest players and most aggressive!

  7. Qotd: I would team with zylbrad and macro because they are my favorite apex youtubers

  8. QOTD: I would wanna team up with ShivFPS because I wanna learn how to reach diamond by solo Q and also want to learn how to ooga booga

  9. Oh god who did you hire to do the thumbnails.. never seen such poor photoshop work. Why does the Re-45 have two sights? And the bullets…. Hire someone better gee

  10. QOTD: i would def go with EU_Lyric and ImperialHal cuz im such a big fan of em

    Or Aceu and Lyric idk i cant make up my mind

  11. QOTD: I would squad with Gaming merchant and back of my janks because they are my fav apex utubers

  12. QOTD: I would squad up with Staycation and any random streamer because I’m not really a stream kinda guy but Staycation plays so many games, he’s awesome

  13. QOTD:- I would like to team with @matafe and @shivfps bcoz one is zone keeper and one is quick rusher 😍😊

  14. QOTD: Probably with Birno and BacKoFFmyJankz, those guys are dope and would totally help me get higher up in Ranked

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