This Hacker Made It To Top #400 Predator And Still Isn't Banned (Apex Legends)

Stats of the person (you can see proof he has 17k rp and 1k kills with 100 wins, made acc season 4 split 2)

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  1. SOAR KOBI : idk why people think I’m on console when I’m clearly on PC. 4:49 square to reload 🥴🤨

  2. ok u have confused me – i see the circle – the square – the L1 button – so what am i missing – is that no for PS4?

  3. Kobi has more interesting gameplay, but Jankz really improved my game. I think Jankz more coordinate, Kobi just goes in and wins. I'm drunk also, but see ya'll in Ranked Tuesday! Bye bye Kings Canyon

  4. just checked his profile and I still have more grapple distance bwahahhaha take that you hacker >:))) (i know grapple distance doesn't mean anything to some but it does to me)

  5. "I don't know where you got shot at dude"
    "Fucking Narnia"

  6. Anyone who plays on console and has played since the game dropped or close to it can tell the difference when they are fighting someone who is using KM or a strike pack vs someone who's actually good. Same thing goes for these PC guys being able to tell aim hacks vs. having aimbot in their blood.

  7. Imagine cheating and getting beaten by a team who is literally better in every fucking way. Nice one kiddo.

  8. Kobi: hates havoc bc its op
    Respawn: buffs the shit out of havoc
    Kobi: uses havoc every single game

  9. Well there are hackers on Xbox and PS4 all you need is a hard drive a PC download the hack onto the hard drive and than go from there don't ask me how I know this it's called being a nerd/geek

  10. Reason why people think your on console because it says L1 R1 FOR ULT and what not

  11. Also also, I saw no cheating other than the use of ur scuff. Running jumping free aim sentinel shot when u barely even had ur gun registered in ur hands and u want to complain about most likely another scuff user with the high ground? Just admit that you will never be the gawd you think u r.

  12. Is it in your power to prevent ulala adds on ur channel? Every time I see one, i just get the urge to strangle the life out of every living being. Pls and thanks, correct this.

  13. Sorry kobi I don’t think he was hacking he obviously had a superior gaming chair.

  14. I play ranked and I’m almost to platinum and everyone I play with has an heirloom. I want lifelines so bad

  15. Hacker: I kill even the best streamers!

    Kobi: But have you killed the best of the best?

  16. Nice havoc bro… uses havoc 😂😂😂 the ego of pro players never ceases to amaze me. I can use the gun but if you do your bad 😂😂😂

  17. my teammate won a game without a single sound of gunshots bc of the devo. we didn’t even know they were fighting until it said champion💀

  18. Do you know how many times I've reported these 3 guys in rank. Holy shit is unbelievable man, one is top 400 and another is masters i think. Is crazy stupid

  19. 1:28 so let me get this straight… you have no items and no weapons but you drop a select fire (without pinging it)
    Only to then pick up a havoc…
    The lesson here? Save it until you don’t need it. Separates the boys from the men.

  20. This is why I don't touch ranked anymore. I'm on PC on Asian servers and after plat it is a nightmare.

  21. Imagine having aimbot hacks or any types of hacks and still dying😂good shit kobi!!

  22. There is no legitimate proof of hacking in this video.

  23. Trys to run straight up a hill and gets hit for 74 damage: HeS HaCkinG. Y'all prolly just been running into alot of actual hackers and are a little sensitive to it. Looks weak tho bro didnt even hit you that hard. You think maybe he hasn't been banned cause hes not actually hacking lol.

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