This is the NUMBER 1 PREDATOR In The World (Apex Legends)

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  1. @.___dior:π’€±π’ˆ“π’ˆ™κ§…π’ˆ™π’ˆ™α€ͺα€ͺVπ’€±π’ˆ“π’ˆ™κ§…π’ˆ™π’ˆ™α€ͺα€ͺV ο·½ ο·½π’…Œκ§…κ§…π’Žκ§…π’€±κ§…π’Œ§π’…ƒπ’ˆ“π’ˆ™κ§…π’ˆ™π’ˆ™α€ͺα€ͺV ο·½π’…Œκ§…κ§…π’Žκ§…π’€±κ§…π’Œ§π’…ƒ π’€±π’ˆ“π’ˆ™κ§…π’ˆ™π’ˆ™α€ͺα€ͺV ο·½π’…Œκ§…κ§…π’Žκ§…π’€±κ§…π’Œ§π’…ƒ

  2. Soooo insane clutch your sooooo gooooood πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ❀️❀️

  3. I’ve been in a game of ranked against him when I was in plat playing with plats

  4. He plays like a bitch sometimes, he’s insane but please stop camping in each corner of a birdcage without even moving. He’s cracked tho

  5. Ive run into OhP In a couple ranked games and they just mobbed thru our lobby

  6. Well he uses a strikepack. Dont believe me then ask for the clip and i will send it.

  7. Hey you are my fav apex YouTube u are really good I’m shit but I hope in the future I can 1v1 u my name is TTVTRYHARD(2281) keep up the great work tho

  8. I know y'all was just having fun but the song made me sad, the beat was good but the lyrics just makes me feel like an object. I'm sorry I'm a buzzkill 😭.

    Love your gameplay though.

  9. Wait how did it go from him being in masters to diamond or are these different clips

  10. Imo Bangalore is the worst legend bc her passive dosent work lol her ult sucks and the smokes are good but someone better will use them against you so ima stick to wraith lol

  11. There’s proof on Xbox that the number 1 pred uses aimbot. Go on Xbox app and go on Flyy 60fps clips, and there’s a clip of my friend spectating him using aimbot.

  12. Could you do a hand cam in one of your videos? I would like to see if you play claw or how you slide hop stuff like that bc I’m not very good so i would like to see what you do or you can just comment if you see this but thx for reading and have a good day πŸ™‚

  13. There was a clip of him aim botting on Xbox and losing the match

  14. There's a video on this guy supposedly cheating, from the looks of the video I saw it actually look like he uses a strike pack or something.

  15. Why am I banned on twitch😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. Imagine if someone has a kraber and they are watching them crouch and put the drone down

  17. there cant be a no 1 predator in THE WORLD , every server has its own no 1 predator

  18. I really wanna give my opinion this is the best and intense video so far well done koala big fan ❀

  19. Mean while I'm over here sweating to finally get away from d3 and this dudes just playing guitar πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

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