This is why PC is EASY compared to Console! (Apex Legends)

Apex Legends PC Vs Console!

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  1. aim assist. If Crossplay is enabled aim assist should be off. Many many console players are as good as pc players without aim assist.

  2. ye 3 good pad users squad so easy for sure, pc diamond4 would be master playing on console with m&k

  3. You're not even master and you're talking… Disable your aim assist and remove your strike pack and we'll see

  4. If the ranks are uneven that mean your going to get some bad ranked people but also super high ranked people so that evens out? He made no sense I’m also a console player…

  5. uhmm its easier becoz in console version all of u has aim assist in controllers while in pc do i need to mention this?? it differs in skill and hand eye coordination while controller players just need to get used to the controls of it and thats it ur a good player with good aim assist rofl

  6. You might get a predator here and there, but you get the super sweaty lobbies when you hit diamond 3, not diamond 4. When you hit diamond 3 its all masters and preds from there on.

  7. Always laughed that people say aim assist helps players to the opint where it should be banned in pro play but there are so FEW controller players in higher ranks because PC players naturally have more advantages….

  8. shouldve called in the care package to block the doorway on that squad

  9. *sees the title, squints my eyes*. be careful what you gonna say console peasant. Edit. everyone who says pc lobby is easy is gonna eat their words when they get in the same lobby with FunFps and NRG_Rogue 😀

  10. I wanna see how controller player would play Apex without aim assist. You actually really good, but i just wanna see it.

  11. You didn't mention what server are you on or I didn't catch it in the video? Switching from na to eu for example is like going from gold to pred.

  12. I struggle as a PC player, mostly because I've played console most of my life. The struggle is real lmao

  13. i dont really get the logic tho? On pc if its more spread out, youll be fighting predators in platinum on pc, not other platinums?Diamond 3 is already filled with preds so pretty much impossible to rank up with all these sweaty pc ad strafing wraiths

  14. Lol this guy is a joke u ain't no pc when u still use controller with aim assist.stay in ur own console league gtfo here

  15. Bruh im gold and i literally get matched with preds i cant tell you how wack it is

  16. You are dia 4 there for not pred lobby but plat lobby you dont get pred lobby intill dia 3 +

  17. The thing you forget here is that they're easy for you being a top tier player. But for us mortals average or below average players it actually make it harder because the top tier players are in our gold lobbies as well.

  18. This is actually true im a s4 masters on xbox and d4 lobbies on pc are insanely easy just ppl suck on mouse and keyboard so they blame aim assist

  19. LIES!!!! I do better on console than on PC. I've switched over to PC because I don't always want to play controller. Im so freaking terrible on PC and can't seem to aim for shit. I prefer PC over console i'll tell you that much but what can i do to actually improve on keyboard and mouse? I've been playing for a while now trying to get used to mouse but i still feel like it's not enough and i'm still trash 🙁

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