This is why people HATE Ranked in Season 4 of Apex Legends

Season 4 Ranked mode Apex Legends!

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  1. Ranked needs to get a better sbmm seriously I'm bronze n go against former apex predators cuz there silver it's to much I've been playing since day one n like me many of us small players are forgotten about

  2. See, my problem is i get paired with people who play like straight wussies, they don't know what "push" is.

  3. lol diamonds and peed are just given wins by the shitty SBMM in this game in casual matches

  4. Ranked is so fucking stupid, current rank is Diamond and i have fucking brainless teammates in GOLD and Plat 4. How am i supposed to compete with with predators or even other Diamonds who know how to play when i have gold and plat 4's as my team mates who have no brains? This match making is so fucked up, i cant even play with a GOLD if they were in my party, they shouldn't be able to get into a diamond lobby at all. They dont care about their points so run around like chickens without heads. I gave up in Diamond 4, was Diamond 3 but literally lost it all being placed with golds and plat 4's.

  5. Why does the girl talk like a fucking anime character who the fuck actually talks like that. Shit is annoying

  6. Its really hard to get masters like im stuck in diamond 3 and EVERYTIME I win 1 match in the next I can see the fucking predators (#1 #2 #3) Each of them have 50k kills and they use r99 pk or wingman and pk and they just go and fucking rekt every team and its really annoying… I hope they put diamond with diamonds, masters with masters and predators with predators.

  7. I lose rp and get abondone penalty when i get out of sync
    Thats y i hate season 4
    Normally im in diamond 4 or 2 but
    now im silver on my fav map KC :'(

    I reinstalled the game
    I reset my modem
    I ask my isp to perform a full connection check its all good
    My pc is not the best but decent 144 fps normally
    50mb down 20mb upload

  8. For me this is not fun because i like playing agressuve and actually pushing people and not camp for placement
    This is just to slow for me

  9. My biggest problem is the whole thing with not being able to party up with someone 2 ranks above or under you but gold players end up in pred lobbies because they can play with plats, and those plats can play with diamonds and so on. When i was gold i got in multiple diamond+ lobbies and I’m now diamond and see gold and preds in my lobby’s constantly, so it’s just a broken ass mechanic that needs to be taken out the game. Also bugs where i can’t pop batts when i have a sentinel equipped and just earlier i was fighting a caustic and he threw a trap that following me down an entire hallway and ticked me for 90 dmg. Let me remind you this is diamond ranked and the entry cost is pretty pricey to be having stupid shit like this happening. This season has more bugs happening consistently in almost every match than any other season in my opinion. Shit is actually breaking the game and ruining my fun.

  10. This is why I hate ranked in season 4 kings canyon split:
    Diamond IV: easy, gaining points all the time, enemies are average, I play plats and diamond IVs.
    Diamond III: WTF is going on why am I against predators and masters? Why do we get slaughtered? Why do I lose so many points?! How the hell am I supposed to get to master?

  11. I got to platinum in like 3 days. I’m convinced it impossible to get out of

  12. 🤦🏾‍♂️ no that’s not what most people are complaining about I think the point system needs to be fixed . If they base it on gaining points by kills it would be a much better game play. Camping is not a form of being competitive grinding like this is honestly boring af the more you fly in and do the same sluggish camping running from fights over and over again 3rd partying and waiting to hear other people fight begins to feel like a not so fun way to grind in a RANKED league . Maxing our at 5 kills then trying to camp out till top 3 and under to actually see a point diff is annoying af honestly. I’m diamond and I have been maxed out early af and only had 18+ RP die at 8 squads and literally join next game lose 48 or 38 🤦🏾‍♂️ shit is stupid . Plus the masters and preds need to have there own lobby if not then they shouldn’t have added a new tier! Now we have a big ass sweat lobby once you hit D3 and it becomes boring af to have to camp out and play scary af each game because it’s always 13 squads on the 3rd round 🤦🏾‍♂️ like wtf is this shit.

  13. I think it's do more with the rewards for e.g diamond no longer get skydive upgrade which it should've been remained or added few rewards

  14. 15:39 Don’t worry about what this guy is saying. People say dumb stuff when they’re heated. Probably didn’t mean it. He was mad he died.

  15. Zeus would u like to play sometime? I am on Xbox and I’m trash. I need help either leveling up or getting a higher rank. It would help a lot because I have not been getting many wins lately. I only have about 13 wins

  16. Hey zues would you ever train people could people maybe pay to play a game with you? I'd be interested

  17. If the stupid fucking season split didnt happen' and we didnt get forced to play on kings canyon which is literaly third party heaven this would be the best season so far.

  18. I don't even know dude, I'm aware that I'm not good at the game so I just avoid playing ranked, sadly there's a lot of pro players in pub and because of that I'm not even enjoying the game anymore 🙁

  19. The problem with ranked right now is that the player base is reduced A LOT compared to others seasons. So platinum players like me are obligated to play against masters and predators. It is very frustrating and you cant evolve properly because the gap is too high.

  20. I mean if you drop 20s and 4ks constantly ur not gonna be matched with boots. I agree SBMM can be changed but if you sweat don't bitch and moan when you get equal opponents.

  21. Does anyone know if you need to finish either splits in predator to get pred reward or just you just need to reach it and then even if you get sent back to master you still get it?

  22. Basically the ones doing the complaining hate the fact that they are playing other players at or close to their own skill level.

  23. The dude doing all the moaning has introduced me to a whole new level of sadness. Get a feckin life eh..

  24. ur acent gives me cancer. the way how fkn loud you talk my neighbour can hear me watching this stupid vid. ps: im on headphones

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