this MODDED CONTROLLER gave me AIMBOT in fortnite..

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Yoooo whats…


  1. Hey dude can you link the controller for me I want it really bad for a vid Iโ€™ll shout you and pinky out

  2. I knew straight away u didnโ€™t have aimbot ur just another pc gamer that hates on console

  3. Is this true or not and if so how to I get it and turn it on

  4. I have a modded controller (there is a fortnite controller that when u click the scope in it will scope in out in out so it is abusing aim assist ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ you can get these at GameStop for a while but they removed it if you want a pic of it dm me on discord Astro#4104 so u can see what it looks like)

  5. I have aimbot i used foot Controller with 11 foot controller dead zone and 13 foot controller max throttle and i laserd a player off a boat

  6. I only see plu playing like heโ€™s not even using a modded controller

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