This R-99 skin is an absolute cheat code in apex legends. None of the other sights compare to this one because there is a red dot sight built into the weapon. Most of this game isn’t pay to win, but I honestly think this is one of the few skins that is in apex legends.

I play on xbox so it can be more difficult to keep my aim on point and be accurate when shooting enemies. This skin will definitely help you out when you are using the R-99 because it has the built in red dot sight. …


  1. I think he's cheating, take a look at what he sayin
    and try and use terrain. Then consider what kinds of recoil is in this this game
    I think he's running aim-bot hacks on a PC and trying to pass it off as console maybe b some kinda protest not buying it though

  2. Yo brother I really dig the videos and Iโ€™m looking to make similar content any tips on getting started

  3. And now Sweat is talking about cheating…. and I thought he was a good guy

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