This Twitch Streamer accused me of using CHEATS in Apex Legends

Apex Legends twitch streamer accuses me of using a kbm hack on consoleKilling Apex Legends TTV BTW’S..

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  1. I can’t stand twitch streamers there always so toxic and so defensive when there wrong or trash at the game there playing

  2. Bruh ttv’s sound like they got their mic shoved down their throats

  3. Imagine playing a game so damn good that others accuse you of using hacks

  4. I get when people say cheating like i did it cause i ran back and 4th and still got a headshot off. And i escaped a team and got shot through a fence with the tarp the thing u cant shoot through

  5. ngl they probably werent lying but at 3:25 come on you died and you all of a sudden just agree in sync sound glitch LFASADSADASD

  6. 2:13 I was too dumb to realize it changed to Zues's perspective, so I was like "ooh this random twitch streamers pretty go- oh wait its Zeus"

  7. Nobody

    Ttvs when their about to die: bro why do I have bad guns

    Bro why am I lagging

    Bro why are my teammates not with me

    Bro why are they third partying

  8. 1:38 these guy's sound like the most headache endusing people to be around ever

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