Top 10 NEW Secret Locations in PUBG Mobile! (New Update)

“PUBG Mobile SECRET Locations 2020 – Secret Cave in PUBG Mobile (PUBG Mobile Secrets) PUBG Mobile Secret Places, Secret Spots for Loot – Secret PUBG Mobile Glitches iOS/Android/PC Secret Locations (PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks – PUBG Mobile New Update 2020) PUBGM Pro Tips English”


Hello everyone! This is ExxotikGaming here, and thank you for clicking on my video! Today I am FINALLY bringing you all another PUBG Mobile secret locations video! SECRET…


  1. I have returned after a whole week!!!

    Behind the scenes, it took like three freaking days to make this video! I really really hope you guys enjoy it. Share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! If you DM me on Twitter or Instagram showing me proof you shared it with your friends, I will follow you on that platform! Maybe you can be the first person I follow on Instagram…link in my bio! 😄

  2. this is a good video this is a good video should put more videos should and collect more and collect more subscribers

  3. Does videos on things that "can ban you on glitches and cheats do not do this" then makes a video on glitches and locations to exploit the game then you get ban, dude on whichever side you are on the real players or the cheat community make up your mind what you want to be, because looks like you exploit the game the same community as the cheaters and hacks…. As in your previous video you stated "you will get banned if you exploit the games glitches".

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