Top 13 Rarest Skins in Apex Legends That Always Get Compliments

Top 13 Rarest Skins in Apex Legends That Always Get Compliments

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  1. I did a challenge in season 1 for the elite thing and got the bloodhound skin and I also have the g7 scout wolf skin

  2. Wolfpack G7 Skin has “Run Fast Die Hard” written near the ammo counter

  3. So I have the #9, 8, and 4 on this list ( I completely forgot I had that G7 skin).

  4. I wish they added the challenges back with the collection event where you can earn the packs from those challenges like in the iron crown event

  5. There was a pathfinder skin that i think was a rare as it doesnt change the shape or model of pathy but it had wild west decoration do you guys know whats the name and where it came from

  6. Imma be honest i wish i had the laptop i have rn so i could play apex back then to bad i don't have momey to buy the skins still lmao

  7. I got that R99 skin from my free box, back when they gave you 1 free box for playing the event…

  8. So ur tryna tell me that if I had a lot ac on me I wouldve been able to have all these rare skins


  9. Then again I never see anyone else use the Halloween skin from fight or fright on Wattson other then me lol.

  10. I have that Octane Skin lol I remember getting the original Legendary and checking the market to see the Red Shift skin, and I figured why not, and bought it.

  11. i’m on xbox i have lifeling bling and i got hit with the “your account is invalid” anyone know how to fix?

  12. That turquoise gib skin is GOD TIER rare. I have it and everyone I played with says they’ve never seen it before lol

  13. I’m surprised the Call to Arms gibby skin isn’t in here I’ve only seen one other person in game that has that skin

  14. Lmao I got the Captain Bamboozle skin for Mirage from the iron crown event by getting lucky. I got it from the free apex pack they use to give out…

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