Top 5 Fortnite Streamers WHO EXPOSED HACKERS! (Fortnite Hackers Exposed by Ninja Myth & More)

Top 5 Fortnite Streamers WHO EXPOSED HACKERS! (Fortnite Hackers Exposed by Ninja Myth & More)

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  1. this is one reason fortnite is shit

    Other reasons:

    1. Too many serious players who cuss on you for dying early
    2. Too many 12 year olds being a pain in the ass
    3. And of course hackers yep
    4. And scammers

  2. I like it when the hacker go into things like the game mode food fight because I like it when the entire team notices somthing is up an reck the hacker by litaraly suiciding until a person snipes them or just kills them in general becaus 1 our entire team reports win or no win and or make the hacker rage quit because he got killed by normal players or in his eyes bots also I have actually heard of a hacker who literally told epic games they weren’t hacking and people somehow hacked HIS computer and found he had bought hacks sold them and mods installed into fortnite and footage of him using the hacks not only did epic terminate his account and sue him but they had him arrested don’t know how but still is probably funny to more people than you would think

  3. None of these people was hacking…
    It was just their Gaming Chair

  4. Ik this hack on 4:18 its unfair aim bot it wipes out the map on every game ik every hack but i dont use them cause i dont want to get banned or go to jail cause epic did that

  5. You know what's really embarrassing top5Gaming? You spelt exposed wrong in the title of the video…. It's exsposted not exposted :/

  6. So ur saying the best player at a game is a hacker? Not true, they're just good and ur salty

  7. Zedroguinhas it's a Brazilian term that means a teen or kid that uses drugs for the purpose of being popular

  8. I remember i was hitting this guy and he took no damage what so ever -_-

  9. The second he said ultra instinct like voku i subbed and liked and turned notifications on

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