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  1. 1. Lag/Hit registration! ESPECIALLY when in areas with lots of people, and when using guns with a really high rate of fire like the r90.

    When I get into a really close 1v1 gunfight with someone and we both fire…….my r90 might might only hit 5 out 20 bullets when there's NO WAY my aim was off, I get knocked by an alternator.

    2. They need to fix the fat ps4's optimization. I can't afford the pro like some so there. I can't see SHIT far away. I dont mean zoom. I mean distance drawing is GARBAGE. The pixel density and clarity is ASS. It makes it hard AF to see people far away. Sometimes close. Know why? The PS4 fat compared to to pro lowers the clarity on edges, shadows, and overall textures to such a degree to terrain like bushes that when an enemy hides there's I walk past them because i can't see them. This and Apex doesn't support HDR which sucks. I have bad eyes so this HEAVILY affects me.

    3. The damn laggy and slow ass lag a whole lobby experiences at the start of a match. Usually last anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

    4 . The looting while not being able to move is the top gameplay mechanic problem for me. This along with legends like Gibraltar needing a buffs. I personally think Lifeline and Wraith need a small nerf but mainly Lifeline's ability to use items faster. 15% seems more fair to me. And her care package needs a buff. Either items or her cooldown. It's almost not even worth using. Wraith's sprinting animation needs a nerf but that's it.

    5. Snipers…….Aim assist on console needs tweaking. Most of the time it straight up doesn't work. ESPECIALLY when thing like railings and such are in the way. This what brings to my main point. Snipers need tweaking with bullet drop and MAINLY their velocity. With apex having such high movement it can be hard AF to hit ACTUAL long range shots with snipers due to the velocity. Increase their velocity
    , decrease the bullet drop, and then decrease ads speed and hip fire with them a TINY bit to make them and in general any weapon weapon useful at long range. The sniper scopes are pointless lol.

    Nice video Stay. I love your vids man keep it up bro!

  2. Biggest issues are

    Half the guns are useless
    Damage is completely inconsistent. How can I do 90 damage with one PK shot and 2 with the next. What the fuck is that?

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