My top 5 tips for new players on PUBG PS4 & PUBG Xbox One! This video is sponsored by PUBG.

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  1. Followed all advice in this video and I have never been killed so much in a game. Thanks!

  2. I’ve got 1400 wins 20k kills anyone wants to run some games I’d be down to teach some new players the basics!

  3. Imagine,u was Larry in your 1-10 matches 👅❤,support from EU 👍👌.Actually all players are Larry in first 10 matches .😂😂

  4. Ah so the circle gets more powerful over time. No wonder I insta -died trying to go through the circle to flank in a 1v1 and lost the game. I just assumed that I wasnt paying enough attention to my health.

  5. im a trophy hunter and someof these trophies arnt popping ive played over 200 games and the 101 drops aint working looting 50 items grenade kills crossbow kills anymeans necessery and few others any advice

  6. I try to play this game, but I don’t like it, I believe it runs 30fps in PS4 and coming from modern warfare it feels very weird.

  7. Bro thank u so much because of you I love this game and since it’s free on ps4 I have been GRINDING. Keep up the good work 😁

  8. Who is here because this is gonna be the free game on ps plus on September 😂🤣

  9. No translation for notes
    I did not understand all the notes
    I wish the translation was activated
    thank you

  10. I actually hated this game on Xbox when it came out. Playing it last night with an open mind really got me into it for the first time. Maybe im a little late to the game? They fixed so much its actually playable now. Is the frame rate lower even on the One X? Just curious because it wasnt clear online.

  11. My tip in June 2020 is because of my handle is "I_am_rubbish" I like to play the survival game and see how long I last then get killed by BOTS 🙂 .

  12. A big thing I see people doing that gets them kills is going prone right after when they get shot. DON'T go prone unless you are behind cover on 3 sides of you and are absolutely sure no one can spot you. DON'T go prone whilst being shot at!! It just allows players to headshot you 100% easier.

  13. Don can you plz!! Make an update regarding the same content.
    Deadzones , general sens etc. But possibly, for regular remote? Not the elite. Would mean a lot. Thx!..

  14. Just started playing. 8 matches in doing only hot drops as you suggested. Some went good some worse. I'm pretty much a noob rn hope that improves. Any squad add me on Xbox : toxicantelm567

  15. First thing I did was spend almost an hour in training room just setting sensitivity and getting a feel before heading out in an arcade match for some repetitive close quarter combat. I didn’t do very well, but it probably made me better without me knowing it.

  16. Yeah the thing is that with that 144p resolution u won't notice the difference between a person or a rock

  17. The best tip here is the training mode. The longer you spend in training the more control you have over your weapon. I made the mistake of playing around 100 games with a bad setup and blaming the game for my bad aim. It's a tough game and if you can't snap aim you are never gonna get the dinner.

  18. Im playing like 4000+ games im not sure how much wins +200 sure

    My tip is don't go on a free area !
    If someone land near u uv got two options

    1- rush with a good gun to his house
    2 camp as a fucker with shotgun

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