Transferring GTA 5 Accounts in 2018..


(It’s time for Christmas noobs and with that people are looking to transfer their accounts to their brand new consoles.
This year I got an Xbox One and I wanted to transfer my legit and modded accounts from PS4 to Xbox One so I would not have to restart. I looked up videos on transferring accounts and this is what I found..




  1. Can someone tell me if you can do it or can't anymore please? And how to do it pls if can. ❤

  2. So we can't really transfer any sort of progress to another platform in 2020? Is it not a thing anymore??

  3. Ay on ps4 when I switch accs when I load up gta nothings there like I have to restart

  4. This is just too funny lmao 😂😂
    Yall little youtubers are to funny

  5. Oh my actual goodness I’m in shock. I was mates with sub legacy and we used to do follow for follow I was his 7th sub 😬

  6. Basically, I was wondering. If I want to play with my PS4 account on PC, is that possible to do? And if it is is my progress going to save. For example I play on PC and I get myself up to level 99 from level 96, and i log onto PS4 will the data save and I'll still be level 99?

  7. Wat a fucking waste of time…You just hoodwinked us like he did u TF
    I'm assuming u did it for the views 2👏🏾

  8. YO!! ya think this is still doable?? like is this still available to do in 2020?? please answer this!

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