Trying Fortnite TIK TOK Viral Lifehacks! (THEY ACTUALLY WORK!)

Trying Fortnite TIK TOK Lifehacks! (THEY ACTUALLY WORK!)
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Today we’ll be testing Fortnite Tik Tok Lifehacks! These Fortnite Tik Tok Lifehacks include cheats, tricks, tips and MORE! The Fortnite Lifehacks are from Tik Tok, some work, some don’t – So watch them ALL too see!


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  1. LOADS of cool tricks in this video! 😄

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  2. I have one. Basically, if you are on pc, ps4, xbox etc. and you want to get a lot of xp or get a full bot lobby, then all you have to do is create a brand new mobile account. Friend your main account. Then, to keep getting bots, load into a game and go back to lobby on mobile. That will prevent the mobile account to level up. I sometimes do it and it really works.

  3. The henchmen glitched reminded me of something funny I did. So I was playing duos with my brother and I saw a duo.they were henchmen and they went to scan a chest and I was following them as a henchmen. When it opened I kilt them and stole their loot XD

  4. mobile players have directional sound with chest in it and it shows you when someone is coming.

  5. Can you gift me a skin in the item shop I subscribed and hit the bell and hit that like gotten my name is leshyne23

  6. I use visual sound effects ALL the time, it is so helpful, and it only shows the footsteps or glider logo if its an enemy

  7. Hi Ali I know it’s random but I have been playing fortnite for a year and my mum can’t buy me skins so can I play with you on fortnite and if we win can I have a skin. I asked you because you are the best in the world and I have been watching from the start. Bye!

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