(Tutorial) How to Drop 20 Bombs in Season 4 – APEX LEGENDS

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  1. This would be helpful but I think I feel like I'm the only one with completely f*cked matching, like everyone I play with is eather better then me or they are a pred like wtf, how can the game expect me to get a 20b playing against such sweaty people like fffuuuuuu*k dude

  2. Moral or the story, change your server. Play in some bot lobby’s off stream then upload. Thank me later

  3. I dont now but i am still bad and playing the game active i am in evry shooter bad i wish i can play good

  4. I just got 18 kills with Mirage not to long ago, I’m honestly feening for a 20 bomb bro 🙇🏽‍♂️

  5. How I get high kill games.

    Use my teamsters as bait steal all their kills, steal all the loot

  6. I mean a big part you forgot about getting the 20 badge that you didn't explain to your subscribers is how you're in a bot lobby

  7. Hsinsbdn Dudu rhsvs Dugan dubs Henderson. Dhgakr began d hsiwv divers. Dhkabd ishs 8/$ydhajab dhakebfh

  8. Love ya videos I just wanna see this done on Xbox I’m beginning believe it’s harder on Xbox

  9. When I see you play and hear all off your tips, I feel like I can do anything.
    GG bro😎

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