Twitch Streamer Reports me for Hacking.. with Controller Aim! (Apex TTV Reactions)

i Got reported for cheating in Apex legends..

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  1. Umm im i the only one that thought that some the predator players in the video were like a little trashh…

  2. Niggas always talking shit fr dawg niggas full of shit these days sad how bad they lose too except for soar kobi he was chill asf about it 💀

  3. Mouse and key is superior in every way. You have less advantages as a controller player lmao

  4. twitch Prime is not free you have to have Amazon Prime that cost money I f**** hate where every twitch streamer says that and when you tell people is not free they ban you

  5. Ok this is irritating all of these pssys on kbm always blames it on aim assist even on apex in any game that people can play controller on it's always a controller player that kills them apex legends aim assist isn't even the best in apex legends I've played games with aim assist of in ranked I was in diamond I think 7 kills cause it was my first month of playing

  6. Yeah control have a little bit of help, but it is needed to a degree and it's not really much at all, the better part of it is just having good aim, you can't just plug a control in and get aimbot, so I don't know why people complain, especially considering mouse has a lot more advantages over the controller, so yeah complaining about it is a little over the top, I myself now there are certain situations where I get shot in the back and immediately whip around to them is something you can't really do on a controller, at least no where near as clean as a mouse, so yeah, if you get laid out then suck it up and play another match…

  7. So you steam snipe people but don’t like getting stream sniped instead?

  8. Let’s be real tho
    Zeus is better than all of us and all these streamers

  9. People keep complaining about aim assist and i find this to completely childish at this point. Also for the record for those who say kbm is more skillful than controller you guys have your whole arm to aim meanwhile we have to aim with our thumb i’d say a kbm player who has impeccable aim is impressive BUT someone who mastered aiming with a controller is more impressive to me (let’s say for fairness without aim assist cause pc players throw a tamper tantrum every time they hear aim assist)

  10. They’re crying because of aim assist but what they don’t realise is that keyboard has 60+ buttons while Controller has like 16-20 and thats with scuff… all these wannabe livestreamers are so salty they even know perfectly where the report for aimbot is without looking because they report every player that kills them

  11. as a PS4 player, I'm a sniper using bloodhound (hes my main). Aim assist is useless, You need to get your aim right, you cant rely on Aim assist.

  12. It's insane how people generalize. "PC players do this, Console players do that" .

    Its just shitty and good players no matter the platform.

  13. If you die from zeus and start complaining your honesty shit and learn to grow a pair of balls and just accept that your ass at the game
    If I died from zeus I really don't care cause it's obvious he is better than me

  14. I never even heard of that guy. Clout chasing? The whole apex and a lot of the cod community has heard of Zeus Litoflow just sound like a idiot who makes excuses constantly Does he even have any followers??

  15. I really hate streamers because they think they're sooooooo good so everytime they die they either say "hEs hAckiNg" or "sTreaM sNipeR!!" It's so annoying

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