Ultimate Aimbot Hack | Pubg Mobile | Hacker caught

One of the cunts died too Idk how the one I sprayed with ak later on didn’t die.


  1. Could be just 2 (or 3) really lucky hedshots coupled with a fast reaction time and low ping..

  2. This was hack i m used too this hack many a times they kill me in a single shot and that with a headshot!! 😔😔 i don't understand what pubg is doin?

  3. Lol that's not a hack : it's a clear shot :: that thing callled pure skill

  4. I don't think so he is hacker maybe it's ping problem same thing happened with me yesterday

  5. Magic bullet and aimbot . Magic bullet kills anyone with single bullet. BTW when u will do a handcam 😊?

  6. Probably a hacker. This type of hack is called 'Head lock aim bot'.. Btw have u got some good skins??

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