Using 2 Snipers In King's Canyon Season 1 – Got Called A Hacker… (Apex Legends)

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  1. love your shit dude, we play familiar you're obviously next level but id love to play with you sometime, og-_-clarky is the name. Appreciate the time you put in homie

  2. You should do a contest where you can play with fans whoever won even though I know it’ll be bad business but for your other followers who may feel bad you haven’t played with them but I’d like that for a change..

  3. Let’s get Chickenman and Zeus in your team so we can have fried Chiken in the comms all game 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Bruh if your lifelin give gold armor to teammates who don’t have gold armor cause they need the passive on it

  5. You should play with staycation and iTemp that would make a really good video and y'all would probably drop more than half the lobby together at the least

  6. Gameplay is coo especially for being on console but he’s not a entertainer whatsoever

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